Who Saw Her Die ? (Chi L'ha vista Morire ?, 1972)

US Arrow Blu-ray edition - Region A stated ?

Another brilliant giallo crime mystery from Aldo Lado, the director who gave us the also brilliant "Short Night of the Glass Dolls".
Local man Lado (born in Venice?) gives us the giallo version of Nicholas Roegs "Don't Look Now" and brings on the atmosphere
of this damp and ancient city, and also George Lazenby gives a fine acting performance of a grief stricken man sleuthing after
his daughter's killer. Fine cinematography by Franco Di Giacomo and an exceptionally ditto soundtrack by Ennio Morricone using
a childrens choir tune as his main motive.
This is one of my favourite gialli films, but maybe not on my Top Ten Gialli list. I liked "Short Night of the Glass Dolls" better.

The film has a disturbing intro from the French alps in 1968 where a woman dressed in black and with a black veil murders a little
girl by hitting her head with a stone and then hastily burying the body in the snow. The kid's nurse/nanny may have seen the killer
and looks straight at us and the camera in an interestingly shot scene. She's Ginerva (Dominique Boschero) and she will show up
later. This murder was unsolved. The film then jumps to 1972 Venice and with sculptor Franco Serpiero (aussie George Lazenby)
meeting his young daughter Roberta (played by the one and only redhead, Nicoletta Elmi) coming from London for a visit.


Franco lives in central Venice and Roberta plays around with the other kids in the narrow alleys and the small squares, but a nasty
woman wearing a black shroud is stalks her and tries to snatch her. Finally Roberta disappears and Franco searches after her and
becomes more and more desperate and afraid, but it's hopeless and the kid is found dead floating in a canal.
Franco's wife Elizabeth (Anita Strindberg) arrives from London for the funeral and the couple starts looking into another case where
a little girl with red hair has been murdered, The Marchesini Case, and where a lady dressed in black and with a veil has been seen
close by the murder scene.

Franco's agent Serpiero is played by the great Adolfo Celi, Celi's assistant Ginevra by beautiful Dominique Boschero and the slimey
attourney Bonaiuti by José Quaglio, all of them part of the Venice elites. (The Evil elites, also seen in Aldo Lado's previous film
"Short Night of the Glass Dolls").

Above: The Old US Blue Underground DVD edition presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1, mono audio, "Death in Venice" -
an interview with director Aldo Lado, a trailer and a filmography

This Italian and West Germany co-production is presented here in a US Blu-ray edition from Arrow Video with a widescreen 2.35:1 ratio
and with an Italian or English audio LPCM mono 1.0 version with english subtitles. Region A

Extras: Audio commentary by Troy Howarth, "I Saw Her Die" - 2019 interview with Aldo Lado by Arrow (57 minutes in italian with
english subtitles), "Nicoletta, Child of Darkness" - 2019 interview with actress Nicoletta Elmi (27 minutes in italian with english subs),
"Once Upon a Time in Venice" - 2019 interview with co-writer Francesco Barilli (31 minutes in italian with english subs), "Giallo in
Venice" - 2019 video interview with author Michel MacKenzie (a slurring British guy, 26 minutes), image gallery, english and italian
trailer and a Booklet with text and pictures


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