The White Storm / The White Storm 2: Drug Lords - 2 disc (2013 and 2019)

Hong Kong Universe 2 disc DVD edition

So duk

The White Storm (2013) Directed, co-scripted and co-produced by Benny Chan in a Hong Kong and China co-production

Crime Action where two narcotics cops, Ma Ho-Tin (Lau Ching Wan) and Cheung Tsz-Wai (Nick Cheung) and undercover
cop So Kin-Chow (Louis Koo) have been friends since they were kids. Hak Tsai (Ben Lam) is a Hong Kong gangster involved
with the Eight-Faced Buddah, one of the biggest drug lords in Asia, and Chow is a mole close to Hak Tsai. The police thinks
that Hak Tsai is about to meet The Eight-Faced Buddah (Lo Hoi-Pang) who supposedly is hiding at the Thai-Cambodian border.

In Thailand the Thai police and Interpol with Hong Kong Cops inspector Ma and Cheung as advisors will lead an operation
against the drug criminals, and they lie in wait for Hak Tsai's gang (featuring Chow) to meet the Eight-Faced Buddah gang.
But what they don't know is that this powerful drug lord has his own army and the shoot-out that follows is spectacular,
absolute mayhem. Lau Ching Wan is great as always, Buddah's daughter is played by thai actress Treechada Petcharat and
Louis Koo ... well, he tried i guess ... never a great actor even though he has become much better with time.

The film was presented in anamorphic widescreen with a cantonese DD 5.1 audio and with english subtitles.

The White Storm 2: Drug Lords
(2019) Direction and script: Herman Yau (Hong Kong and China co-production)

Andy Lau vs. Louis Koo in So duk 2: Tin dei duei kuet

This film is a sequel in name only as there are brand new characters and a new story. Only Louis Koo returns from the 2013
film as a brand new role figure. Veteran Director Herman Yau is probably best known in the West for having directed some of
the most infamous Cat.III movies ever made, as the 1993 "Untold Story" and 1996 "Ebola Syndrome" but he also directed the
popular "Troublesome Night" series and then i.a. some horror movies.

Fung Chun Kwok AKA Dizang (Louis Koo) is a triad member that runs some nightclubs and when the Triad boss (Kent Cheng)
finds out that he runs drugs too, Dizang is punished by having his fingers cut off and being thrown out from the organisation.
15 years later in 2019 another member of the Triad, Yu Shun Tin (Andy Lau) has left also and has become a rich finance tycoon
and Dizang has become a brutal gangster boss and Drug Lord.

Multi-millionaire Yu loses his Philippine son to drugs and already committed to anti-drug work he now decides to start a regular
war against drugs. Dizang also starts a war, but then against other Drug Lords to become Drug Lord No.1. Will he find out who's
behind the attacks against his drug labs and who's killing his underlings ?

The film seems (or Andy Lau's role figure anyway) to be inspired by the controversial Philippine president Duarte and his hard
stance against drug lords and drug dealing criminals. Karen Lam is fine as the wife of Andy Lau.
The film is presented in widescreen and with cantonese audio DTS 5.1 or DD 5.1 with english subtitles.
Andy Lau, actor and Canto- as well as Mando-pop singer, sings during the end credits


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