Whirlpool (1949)

US 20th Century Fox DVD edition


Psychological Noir crime drama whwew Ann Sutton (the lovely Gene Tierney) is married to the rich
and famous psychologist William Sutton (Richard Conte). But, she suffers from mental disturbances
and gets caught stealing, shoplifting, from a fashionable store.
(It's sad also that Tierney in her real life at this time started to suffer from mental illness).

A scandal could enfold, with a high society woman shoplifting .... ask Winona Ryder some 50 years
later, and another psychologist, controversial David Corvo (a good José Ferrer) helps her. But is there
a price, and what happens when one of his patients are found murdered ?
The painting with the dead woman is Otto's homage to his own film, Laura.

Presented in 4:3 originalratio, english audio stereo or mono with english subtitles, black & white, audio
commentary track with Rickard Schickel - the infamous film expert that messed up the audio commentary
to 1945 Leave Her to Heaven with Gene Tierney, theatrical trailer


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