What The Peeper Saw (1972)

US VCI Entertainment DVD

The troublesome stepson

OK, this is a forgotten psychological drama-thriller something of the B type but it's filmed in Spain and with a nice
soundtrack by Stelvio Cipriano and there's some sleaze, so .... it could be something at the outskirts of the gialli genre.
So let us call it a UK-Spanish Giallo with the Swedish element of The Lovely Britt Ekland. I've only seen her in
a few films and my earlier favourite of hers was the great The Wicker Man where she played the pub-lady ... and she
was gorgeous there too. However in that film she's said to have used a body double for the nude scenes, BUT not so
here in this film where it's all Britt Ekland and yummy so. This film's all about Britt and some about Mark Lester, and
she's GOOD in the role as a young unsecure stepmother nervous about what to do with her maybe evil stepson.

The film starts off with a bigbusted woman getting electrocuted in a bathtub. That's Sarah, Marcus Bezant's mother.
The 12 year old Marcus is played by Mark Lester in an Evil Child role. Evil Child vs. Gorgeous Stepmother, and
everybody in the audience is rooting for the sometimes nude lady for sure. Show some respect Kid, or else ....

Somewhere in Spain 22 year old Elise (Britt Ekland) lives with her older husband, the writer Paul (Hardy Kruger)
and suddenly her stepson Marcus appear on her doorstep one week early from his private school in England.
There's no love between them at all and soon Marcus starts lying and tries to get Paul annoyed with her. A sexual
and psychological triangle drama unfolds with Elise and Marcus spying on each other. She finds out there's something
seriously wrong with the boy, he has done hideous things and been relegated from school and maybe he has murdered
his mother too. Relax says Paul, there has been some incidents, but the boy found his mother dead after all and he just
needs some time and love. But, the tensions continue to build and something will break ...

Britt's Perfectly Kissable Lips

Maybe the film isn't that good but Mark Lester is annoyingly nasty as the kid and Britt Ekland is fine, she's FINE
in the role and play in a natural and believable way. She's also beautiful and as you all can see - her lips were just
PERFECTION. Unfortunately, today 40 years later she has made some plastic surgery and modified her lips, why ?
Ekland is also nude some times in this film, but not in a sleazy way, she's to elegant and beautiful for that.


A Digression: The Talkshow From Hell led by the awful Stina Lundberg 2007

It's a bit sad that when Britt Ekland finally gets to appear and be interviewed in a swedish TV show (by an overrated
and snotty journalist) there was NO talk about her films at all, only about her men, Peter Sellers, Rod Stewart etc.
The vulgar journalist just wanted to talk about Ekland The Groupie, just about sex and had absolutely no interest in
anything Ekland may have been doing of any value, as her films. Ekland did appear in some great movies after all, in
some british film classics as Get Carter and The Wicker Man. And she had acting talent, as she shows with this film.

This Nasty woman leading the program degraded Ekland in the same way as she degraded ... or tried to (he got angry)
Bryan Ferry from Roxy Music when he visited her scummy show. She had NO interest at all in in anything they may
have done artistically and i'm pretty sure she didn't know much about Eklands films or Ferrys Roxy Music records.
Even worse is that this nasty woman's famous for her political interviews with world leaders and there she's very sub-
servient and respectful. Nasty Bitch. She's so stuck up that she thinks she doesn't need to take an actress or composer
as Ekland and Ferry serious. The worst interview program i've ever seen in TV. Absolutely dreadful.
In the same program as Ekland a great theatre actress appeared and guess who was subservient and respectful again.
Stupid Woman - Pissing all over a beautiful cult film actress and a legendary rock music singer and composer


As i already mentioned, the soundtrack is very nice and typical for it's time and genre by the Gialli expert composer
Stelvio Cipriano and we get to see cult actress Lilli "La Residencia" Palmer too as a psychiatrist.
The Great trashfilm master Andrea Bianchi debuted as a director here, says IMDB, as he co-directed it. Andrea who
gave us great stuff as the 1974 Cry of a Prostitute, 1975 Nude per L'Assassino, 1979 Malabimba and 1981 zombie
classic La notti del terrore. Andrea NOT related to his namesake Mario Bianchi.

The picture quality were good and restored and in widescreen 1.85:1, english 2.0 and a trailer and a TV spot extra

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