La Polizia chiede aiuto (What Have They Done to your Daughters ? / The Coed Murders / Corrupción de Menores, 1974)

Spanish DVD edition at top, and the UK Shameless Screen Entertainment edition DVD below

The first time i watched this film was in april 2013 and then it was the British Shameless Screen Entertainment DVD edition (seen above)
and now in 2019 i re-watched it in the Spanish DVD edition. Supposedly this film was the follow-up to Massimo Dallamano's more
famous 1972 "Cosa avete fatto a Solange" where the action takes place in a catholic girlschool in London. An alternative title to this
sequel is "The Coed Murders" and also here the victims are teenage schoolgirls, lured into a prostitution ring offering underage girls.
This film has got a lot of police procedure and even though the film is pretty solid it's not as edgy as the first film. Maybe it's not even
a giallo, not a typical one anyway, but what it has is a NASTY MC driver killer all dressed in black and with a meat-cleaver as his murder
weapon, fine actress Giovanna Ralli as an district attorney, always good Mario Adorf in a minor role
and a soundtrack from Stelvio Cipriani.

Mario Adorf and Giovanna Ralli in "La Polizia chiede aiuto"

The Police are investigating the suicide of a 15 year old girl who has hanged herself. The victim was Silvia Polesi (Sherry Buchanan) and
she came from an upper-class rich family (her father played by Farley Granger, a gialli veteran i.a. in the 1972 "So Sweet, So Dead" and
The Red Headed Corpse). The police was alerted about the suicide by an anonymous phone call and the girl had have sex before dying
and was pregnant. But who was the caller and was it really a suicide?

Sherry Buchanan as Silvia (she can also be seen in Franco E. Prosperi's 1978 La Settima donna)

The police investigation of Silvia's death is at first led by inspector Valentini (Mario Adorf) himself with a 15 year old daughter, Patricia,
and he quickly hands over the case to homicide inspector Silvestro (Claudio Cassinelli) and disappears from the film for some hour or so.
We then get to see Silvestri and his men doing some police procedure and the DA Vittoria Stori (Giovanna Ralli) assist them.

The parents of the dead girl has hired a private detective to report on the doings of the unruly teenager, but he's soon found murdered,
cut to pieces, and a fast and vicious killer on a motorcycle with a cleaver as a weapon seems to be one step ahead the police.

Spanish DVD presented in a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen ratio with an english 2.0 audio, no extras.
The UK Shameless Screen Entertainment DVD in anamorphic widescreen, mono audio and with theatrical trailer, other trailers and with
a turnable sleeve


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