Welcome to Shamatown (2010)

Hong Kong Kam & Ronson DVD

A Light-hearted comedy and social satire about a hidden bandit treasure and a small country village out in the
Gobi desert -Shamatown. The Local entrepreneur and theme park owner Tang Gaopeng (Honglei Sun is good
in the role) has invested all his money in his Theme Park connected to the local legend of 1930's bandit Hu
Shuanxi, the infamous son of Shamatown. Tang's love interest, cute Chung Niang (played by taiwanese actress
Chi Ling Lin) she's the supplier of food and drinks and has also invested all her money in the Theme Park.
But, the tourists visiting this dusty godforsaken outpost of China are few, and people are leaving the village to
work in a big city. But Tang has a dream of making Shamatown a flourishing tourist spot and he works hard.

Against him in both the Theme Park plans and in love stands local "Politruk" - Party member Lu Daping that
instead wants to pursue the local political plan of tomato farming in Shamatown. He also wants Chung Niang.

The Famous Bandit Hu was supposed to have plundered an emperors grave in 1931 and then hidden the treasure
somewhere undergorund in Shamatown. The Antique expert and Gangster boss Mao (Huang Hai-Bo) somehow
get hold of an old seal (or something like that) with text on it giving clues to where the treasure is hidden.
So, into Shamatown Gangster Bo and all his henchmen arrives pretending to be investors, and soon the chase
after the treasure is on, and maybe the villagers aren't that stupid as the gangsters think.

I liked it, very funny at the start but maybe a bit thin story at the end. Sun Honglei was great as the enthusiastic
and likeable Tang Gaopeng and the villagers are a colorful bunch. The satire over politicians doomed to be failed
plans for the village business was fun too, tomato-farming .... ostrich-breeding ....

anamorphic widescreen, DTS-ES or Dolby Digital mandarin with english subs, Extra: Behind the scenes (19 min
without subs) and a trailer, region 3


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