US DVD edition in anamorphic widescreen with 5.1 japanese audio and with english subtitles

A VERY entertaining and delightfully unhinged Horror Comedy made after the famous Manga by Ito Junji.
Don't miss this crazy stand out movie, another fantastic entry of the New Japanese Golden Era.

The schoolgirl Kirie Goshima (Eriko Hatsume), her father the pottery maker, her boyfriend Saito Shuichi
(Fhi Fan ?), his father who films thes hells of snails and her mother Yukie the spiral phobic, they all live in
the small country town of Kurozu-cho. A City struck with a curse, a Spiral Curse - Uzumaki
This film wasn't scary but deliriously unhinged and funny.

Shin Eun-kyung (from the South Korean comedy Hit "My Wife is a Gangster" can be seen in a small
part as a reporter visiting the unlucky town. Extra a Behind the Scenes 10 minutes and a trailer

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