The Untold Story (1993)

US Tai Seng unrated uncut DVD edition

US DVD edition in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 with cantonese mono audio and with english subtitles

A Great Extra - An Audio Commentary with both Hong Kong Legends Anthony Wong and Herman Yau

The Untold Story dwere directed by Danny Lee & Herman Yau, and Run and Kill by Billy Tang Hin Shing.
Both of these films were made in 1993 and they were maybe the best examples of the then wild and unhinged
Hong Kong Category III films (maybe something of a X rating in the US) and this censor category still exists
today (this written in 2023). But do remember this: The films today are of a different breed compared to back
then, at the end of the Golden Era of HK filmmaking, much tamer and more cautious after the 1997 handover.

Two of the most infamous HK films ever made were "The Untold Story" and "Run and Kill" and in the lead
roles you could see two of HK's greatest and most vesatile actors - Anthony Wong and Simon Yam.
These deranged Crime Thriller Horrors were made to shock but also to entertain the audiences, and often
unappropriate scenes of burlesque comedy pops up when you least suspect it.

Luckily this new breed of wild unhinged horror from Hong Kong appeared at the exact moment when the
Western Horror film lay dying. This after shitty and seemingly forever ongoing junk as Terror on Elm Street
Part 18 and a half, Halloween Zzz ..., or Friday the 13th: Jason vs. the Soya People, and with "Scream" just
coming around the corner to really take a crap on the horror film genre.

In "The Untold Story" (the original Chinese title is too long to write here) Anthony Wong plays a choleric
fast-food chef and the film is based on a real crime case in Hong Kong where the guy murdered people and
grinded them down to minced meat and made dumplings of it. Yummy .... Not!
Wong played the role so convincingly and scary that he won a major film prize.

In "Run and Kill" Simon Yam plays the psychopathic mainland killer Fung who makes the life miserable for
unlucky Kent Cheng's role figure Fatty Cheung when he murders his little daughter for fun. No-one in HK
could play a psychopath like Simon Yam, with the exception of Anthony Wong then of course

Anthony Wong was re-united with Herman Yau in 2017 with Cat. III horror-drama The Sleep Curse, but it
was not very good


The Wave of Hong Kong Category III or Cat. III movies, perhaps one of the most unhinged genres of Film History,
The Sleaze Horror, started to die with, I guess the 1997 takeover by Mainland China (a partial reason anyway, maybe
HK cinema goers had got tired of all the sleaze and depravity ?). The Hong Kong film industry had to seriously start
paying attention to the many strict rules regarding censorship in the mainland. This to be able to export their films
to mainland China where the huge audiende were situated, an economic necessity for HK filmmakers also to get
financing in the future.

So, even though the Cat. III censor category still exists when writing this in 2023 there will be NO more Untold Story,
Dr. Lamb, Run and Kill et al. R.I.P. crazy but entertaining Hong Kong trashy sleaze horrors.
This with some exceptions as i.a. the Ultra violent 2010 Slasher-Horror
Dream Home (Wai dor lei ah yut ho) directed
and co-written by Pang Ho Cheung
. But then, the filmmakers didn't care about the mainland market as a No. 1 prio
and catered mainly to the HK and western arthouse audiences.