Under the Tree (Undir trénu, 2017)

UK Eureuka! Blu-ray and DVD 2 disc combo 2019 Blu-ray edition

"Did you kill their dog and have it stuffed?" -
worried husband Baldvin to this wife Inga, played by the magnificent Edda Björg Vinsdottir.

This film from the hailed icelander Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson is a very dark comedy-drama that often is funny but also often just tragic.
It's a film about neighbours living in small houses connected to each other, and the many small grudges due to petty small things thru the
years, leading to the irritation building up, growing, growing to a dangerous and explosive level.

Misery. Everyone in the movie seems to feel miserable, bitter, sad, irritated and angry, and everything escalates and spirals out of control.
It's funny but also depressing about a neighbour feud starting with
with a tree casting a shadow over the neighbour's lawn, irritated remarks,
petty acts of harassment involving raunchy garden gnomes, a missing cat, a dog defecating on the neighbour's lawn, slashed tires and
a chainsaw. The players in this pitch-black drama comedy are:

Gnomes Askur

Atli Baldvinson (Steinbor Hroar Steinborsson) - a man thrown out of his wife's and young daughter's apartment when she catches him
masturbating to an old computer video of him having sex with his ex-girlfiend, and he has to move in with his old parents ....

Inga (Edda Björg Vinsdottir) and Baldvin (Sigurdur Sigurjonsson) with the neighbours Eybjörg (Selma Björnsdottir) and Konrad.

Inga is a very bitter and unpleasant middle-aged woman, and with a special hatred for the younger and attractive neighbour Eybjörg,
a woman that wants to take a tranquil sunbath on her porch but can't due Baldvin moving his lawn and due to the shadow Inga & Baldvin's
tree cast on her. One day, Baldvin finds that the tires of his car has been slashed and that their cat is missing. Things get worse though.

The Blu-ray presents the film in 2.39:1 widescreen and with an icelandic audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 with english subtitles, region B.
Extras are a Making Of - Behind the Scenes featurette 23 minutes and a trailer


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