Tulpa - perdizioni mortali (2012, Tulpa - demon of desire)

UK High Fliers Films DVD edition

A so-so neo giallo, pretty OK even though the hysterical praise blared out on the DVD sleeve was a bit excessive maybe.
But the film has it's good and bad points. Claudia Gerini is fine as the high finance business woman Lisa Boeri, attractive,
and the gory murders were inventive and nasty. The softcore sex scenes a bit tedious, they played out like something out
of the 1980's and 1990's boring un-erotic erotic Hollywood thrillers (but that's me, taste differs ...)

And yes, somewhat stylish it was but i felt that the picture often was a bit too dark and with over-saturated colors, but maybe
that's because of the DVD edition. "A Nightmarish Thrill Ride" it was not, not for me anyway, too bad dialogue and acting
on many parts for me to feel any thrill. But, the gory murders were done in a stylish way and Gerini was fine.

Lisa Boeri works in the tough world of high finance and the film takes place in .... Italy maybe, not very clear (Milano?).
At night she visits a private sex club and has lots of anonymous sex with both women and men.
But there's a Giallo killer on the loose, dressed the iconical way á la Bava's Blood and Black Lace, that slaughters people
in some nasty inventive and grisly ways. For Lisa the problem is that the victims are the same as the sex partners she has
had at the club and someone close to her may be the killer .... a colleague at work or is it herself ?

There are english and italian spoken in the film and when in italian with english subs.
Tulpa, the title of the movie and the sex club Lisa's visiting, the stuff from buddhist mysticism, a being (and maybe a demon)
created through the powers of meditation really had nothing to do with the motivation of the killer, and may be a McGuffin.
Film nerds and Hitchcockians can read about The McGuffin on Wikipedia.

widescreen presentation (format not known, 2.35:1 ?) and english and italian audio 5.1 or 2.0 with english subtitles when
italian are spoken. The film has been released on DVD in Sweden by Njuta Films


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