Hong Kong DVD edition in widescreen letterbox and with cantonese audio and burnt in english subtitles

Popular episode ghost movie á la Tales From the Crypt and with no less than 19 films being made between 1997-2003

A guy, Peter (Simon Lui) presents and introduces every story and where some of the actors re-appears in the movies.
Four (4) episodes are presented on the DVD (not just 3 as stated on the sleeve).

Episode 1 - Copying Tombstones: some youths, 3 guys, Ken (Louis Koo), Bee and Ball and 3 girls including JoJo
(Teresa Mak) are camping nest to a churchyard. Ken sees a white-skinned woman taking a nude dip in the ocean,
and who are dead and who are living ? (Direction: Steven Cheng, 29 minutes)

Episode 2 - Mrs. To (Christy Chung) is about to celebrate her wedding day with her husband who has a car accident
on his way to the restaurant (24 minutes)

Episode 3 - Red All Over: JoJo meets an invisible dead lover, and someone she likes a lot (23 minutes) Herman Yau

Episode 4 - The Ghost Cinema: Frankie & Christine Ng visits a cinema where the seats are reserved for Spirits (21 minutes)

A fluffy light episode ghost comedy that became a Blockbuster Smash Hit in Hong Kong and who got .... no less than
18 (eighteen) sequels. I found them to be only very mildly interesting

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