The Transparent Woman (2015)

US Widowmaker DVD edition

Maybe this thriller or gothic horror could be categorized as a neo-giallo, a gothic-giallo. And the question - is it good? has to be answered.
Hmmm. Maybe not that good, but enjoyable. It's a low-budget indie with some bad acting from Levanael and with lots of arty photography.
Maybe too much style actually and with too little substance. A bit like the neo-giallo Amer, a film i didn't like, but less pretentious than Amer
which is good. Roberta Gemma (or Floriana Panella) the famous ex (?) adult filmstar is fine as the blind woman in peril though. The film are full
of close-ups of her face and of things in the house, and she's in almost every scene of the movie. I like her, and then not just because of her
nude scenes, and she wisely underplays her role and she's a likeable heroine/victim.
The film is slow though. Mostly without dialogue and with Gemma slowly moving around the house and touching things, feeling them.

Domiziano Cristopharo seems to be an enthusiast, a big horror fan and a director that for the last decade has tried to revive the Italian
horror and thriller genre, a worthy cause indeed. AND, he undeniably has some interesting visual style to him. Even though the acting
(on some part) and the dialogue sucks he has that style. A personal touch that makes me want to see more films from him.

There can be only one perp in this film and the secret of the house comes as no secret for the viewer, but the way the secret is revealed
was quite original, and Gemma's rolefigure Anna's blindness was used cleverly. Statuesque Gemma has screen presence as the not so
easily scared Anna and i'm looking forward to seing her in more cool genre films (and i mean horror/suspense then, not porn).

The film starts in an odd way with a long shower scene where Roberta Gemma shows her huge and probably enhanced breasts for
too long, and you wonder what sleaze fest this film will be. But, soon the film turns into a gothic blind woman in peril thriller with
an atmospherical soundtrack and stylish camera work. Arian Levanael plays Gemma's creepy looking husband Carlo. Lucky for him
Anna is blind, how would he catch a babe as her otherwise ? (Well, he could be stinking rich i guess)

Anna and Carlo has to move out into the countryside to live in his childhood home. He leaves for work every day and Anna starts
hearing strange sounds and slowly, very slowly, explores the things of the house, in a tactile way as she's blind.
What about the closed room upstairs and what about Carlo's ex-wife who eloped with his brother ? As i already mentioned, the
villain can only be one and the secret of the house would be no surprise even for a 5 year old. But, the way the revelation happens
was done in a nice way. Roberta Gemma carries this movie with the close-ups of her face, her eyes, and you doesn't question her
blindness at all. Her many slow movements around the house was nice in an arty way and almost meditative to behold.

So, i liked it and i want to see more of Cristopharo ... and of Gemma. It was slow and arty and with a somewhat cool ending.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.20 ratio with an english (dubbed) audio stereo with english subs.
Extras: an official trailer, alternative trailer, bloopers and a Behind the scene of the score (9 minutes)

Wikipedia says Roberta Gemma, or Missoni, was born as Floriana Panella in 1980


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