Top Sensation (The Seducers/Sklaven ihrer triebe/Sublime Sensacion, 1969)

UK Shameless Screen Entertainment DVD in a Limited edition of 2000 copies (no. 1333 of 2000)

Edwige and the Goat; turnable sleeve

Yummy Meny


According to the sleeve a cult movie among the Eurosleaze enthusiasts and the most complete version of the film
where some sex scenes has been inserted from other film sources (probably an old VHS).
This film is a piece of slick looking trash where most of the scenes takes place on a motor-yacht and it has got the
Euro film beauties, the legends Edwige Fenech and Rosalba Neri in it, and they're often delightfully nude.
But, the film also has the alluring Ewa Thulin in her first film performance, the first of the only 4 films she made in
1969-1970 and Ewa Thulin is memorable as Beba in this film and maybe even the best thing about it.

I've searched the Internet and i haven't found anything about her, NOT a single thing. A Mystery? At the time we
in Sweden had the well known Euro actresses Ingrid Thulin and Anita Ekberg, Ingrid in A films and Anita in B ones,
but also giallo and horror actresses in Ewa Aulin, Janet Ågren and Anita Strindberg. Famous softcore actresses at
the end of the 1960's and beginning of the 1970's were Marie Liljedahl and Christina Lindberg.
So, who was Ewa Thulin then ? I've no idea as there's no info about her anywhere.

The Seducers at work

So this film plays out like an erotic crime drama with sleaze and a subplot about the rich and decadent corrupting the
poor and pure. The Rich middle-aged woman Mudy (Maud de Belleroche) and her 20 year old mentally unstable son
Tony (Ruggero Miti) cruises in her luxurious motor-yacht somewhere along the italian coast. She has hired Aldo
(Maurizio Bonuglia) and his slutty wife Paula (Rosalba Neri) as company and the gorgeous Ulla (Edwige Fenech) to
have sex with her son, to try and wake him up from his mental trauma through sex. And Ulla tries, but ....

Tony, mentally a child, likes the island girl and goat-herdess Beba (Ewa Thulin) better, and they lure her aboard the boat
without her husband Andro (Salvatore Puntillo) knowing it, and there's trouble ahead.
Yes, this was a trashy filmwatching experience, but there were some interesting things in it. Maud de Belleroche's middle-
aged rich and morally rotten woman were an oddball performance and Ewa Thulin had some nuance and depth to her
(or maybe i just liked her looks and read more substance into her role than there really was?)

Screen ratio 1.33:1 fullscreen, italian audio dub DD 2.0 with english subtitles or an english dub 2.0 - and the italian dub
sounded much better than the english one. Extras: a 31 minute featurette made by Camera Obscura in 2013 with Rosalba
Neri and Salvatore Puntillo where Neri says she has never seen the film and Puntillo starts of by declaring he has had roles
in serious plays and worked with great directors .... ha, ha, always a good sign of a great film - NOT - when actors has
to distance themselves from a film in that way. Well, Neri made a lot of trash and sleaze worse than this film for sure,
an alternate ending, a picture gallery with promo stuff and an actually very cool 22 min trailer collection from Shameless.

Shameless Screen Entertainment is a great company with many cool and strange films and hopefully they will release
also blu-ray editions, or maybe they do already?


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