Too Beautiful to Die (Sotto il vestito niente 2, 1988)

US alternative market DVD

Wow! This B grade Giallo from the late 1980's, a late entry to the genre, was much better than i expected. A real surprise, as the late 1980's
certainly wasn't known for it's genre films, the slasher horror was in decline and the gialli almost extinct. Also, i hadn't heard about any
who was involved with this film, complete unknowns for me. A film about fashion models getting killed sounded sleazy and i expected
some total trash, but this film was very entertaining, and even somewhat stylishly shot. And .... the models playing the roles of models
were absolutely gorgeous. US fashion model Randi Ingerman (b. 1967) made her film debut here, and she was perfectly OK in the role.

Randi Ingerman and Giovanni Tamberi (the latter i've actually seen in other films, recognize his face)

This film seems to be a very obscure giallo and i haven't been able to find it on any regular DVD or Blu-ray, so i had to obtain it on an
alternative market DVD, and the quality was OK, like a so-so regular DVD edition but better than a VHS transfer, i guess. I really, really
would've wanted this film on a Blu-ray with extras, so i could revel in the beauty of Randi Ingerman and the others.
For once the title of the film is totally legit, they are too beautiful to die, and very much so.

Above: Randi

This film is about a Photo Studio and/or Model Agency and the people connected to it getting killed by a giallo killer equipped with a
nasty weapon (see sleeve above), and hereby somewhat resembles the 1975 Nude per l'assassino by Andrea Bianchi, but to be honest
i actually prefer this movie. Both may be B entries to the gialli genre, but this is the better one and deserves a proper release.

Alex (Giovanni Tamberi) is the owner of the photo- or music- studio/agency and David (Francois-Eric Gendron) the photographer. Alex
earns extra money allowing his models to sell sex at private parties, and when model Sylvia (Gioia Maria Scola) unknowingly is invited to
such a party and gets raped, she freaks out and run away in panic, later to be found dead in a burnt-out car.

Above: Even more Randi

3 of the models took part in the rape of Sylvia, laughing and holding her when she was assaulted, Leslie (played by Singaporean model
Nora Ariffin), Michelle (model Helene Jesus) and Lauren (Randi Ingerman) and now feel bad for their behaviour. But to late, a killer is on
the loose and he or she uses a nasty blade weapon, a prop for a music video, for the killings. Who will be the next victim?
This, is something the investigating police inspector (Francois Marthouret) ponders over. The film supposedly takes place in Milan, Italy.

The music was quite awful with an assortment of typical crappy 1980's pop music from mainstream bands as Toto and Huey Lewis and
the News, so, no cool genre soundtrack from some Italian composer here as during the Golden Era of Gialli, the 1970's.
Again, i desperately would like to see this film in a High Definition release, a forgotten gem for sure .... and with Randi Ingerman too.

This Alternative Market DVD is presented in widescreen (1.85:1 ?) and with an english mono, region free


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