Tony Arzenta (Big Guns / No Way Out, 1973)

German Koch Media - Explosive Media 2022 Media Book 2 disc Blu-ray edition

Yes, a fine Italy-France co-produced Eurocrime crime thriller with Mobster vs. Mafia and with the great Alain Delon as the mobster
Hitman Tony Arzenta who is tired of the killings, who wants to spend more time with his family, his wife Anna (Nicoletta Machiavelli)
and his son Carlo. He wants to quit and tell his Don Nick Gusto (Richard Conte) so, but Nick says that Tony can't quit, that he knows
too much about the Organisation to do that. There's No Way Out, as a Hitman he's into it to the end, to the last bullet.

But Tony goes to Palermo, Sicily and tell his parents and his old priest Don Mariano (Guido Alberti) about his decision to quit the
mafia business. In Paris the five mobster bosses of the Family have a meeting: Nick Gusto, Grünwald (Anton Diffring), Rocco Cutitta
(Lino Troisi), Carré (Roger Hanin) and Isnello (Umberto Orsini) and they decide to take Tony out with a car bomb, but instead kill his
wife and son. Revenge by a deadly killer awaits them, but first Tony has to find them.

One of them, Carré, has a redhaired girlfriend (who he abuses) Sandra (Carla Gravina) and she tells Tony where to find him and also
where Milano-based Tony can find the rest of them - in Copenhagen to have a meeting with Grünewald. So off to Denmark Tony goes
and 4 to go. There's a nice little car chase and always a nice atmosphere with scenes shot in Copenhagen, and a swedish woman can
be heard cursing during the chase. Tony also meets Erika Blanc as an abused and unlucky woman in a small guest role.
Rosalba Neri can be seen in an even smaller cameo role as the wife of Rocco Cutitta and Alain Delon can be seen doing product placement
for J&B Whiskey and for Baume & Mercier watches. Will Tony wipe them all out or will something else happen ?

Film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with an italian audio DTS-HD MA 2.0 with english subtitles or with english audio DTS-HD MA 2.0,
Region B. There are an audio commentary in German only, a hard cover Media Book with a Booklet fastened to the sleeve (with pictures
and text in German) and a second bluray disc with the German language version


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