Tombs of the Blind Dead
(La noche del terror ciego / La noche de la muerta
ciega / Crypt of the Blind Dead / Night of the Blind Dead
/ Die nacht der
reitenden leichen, 1971)

US Synapse 2 disc 2023 Blu-ray edition - Region All



Uniquely Iberian Zombie horror with lots of atmosphere about blind living
dead Crusader Templars riding out at night on their equally dead horses in
search for human blood.
The Blind templars once were condemned by the church for their satanic
rites, and with a preference for cutting out the hearts of virgin girls with
ample cleavages (i guess they're thinking of providing sleazy material for
the Spanish export film versions 700 years later ?).

The Great Amando de Ossorio, the director behind some absolutely great
Spanish trash classics as: 1972 "Las Garras de Lorelei" (The Loreley's Grasp)
and the 1974
"La Noche de los brujos" (The Night of the Sorcerers), and
yes, the 4 film Blind Dead movie series.

Amando de Ossorio surely come up with an inspired idea with his unique
take on the Zombie genre and he created a horror classic.

Elizabeth/Betty (Lone Fleming) meets Virginia (Maria Elena Arpon) and
Roger (Cesar Burner) and they travel the Portuguese countryside by an
old steampowered train when Virginia suddenly jumps off the slow
moving train in a fit of jealousy due to Roger eying Betty.

The next day Betty and Roger is searching for her in the Berzano ruins,
a place the locals avoids at all costs, and they find her dead with wounds
possibly from teethmarks.
But the police suspects outlaw smuggler Pedro (José Thelman) and Betty,
Roger, José and his girlfriend Friday (the charismatic Maria Silva) goes
to Berzano to put an end to the killings that has plagued the area.
Maria Silva can be seen in i.a. Jesús Franco's 1961 horror classic "Gritos
en la noche".

Above: The 2005 US Blue Underground DVD edition

The soundtrack by Antón García Abril is best known for it's atmospheric
monks chanting theme. The fine cinematography from Pablo Ripoll.

Disc One with The Original Spanish language and English/Spanish
hybrid audio version PCM 2.0 mono with english subtitles.
Film presented in 1.66:1 wide. Region all

Disc Two with "The Blind Dead" US Cut Theatrical version

Disc One EXTRAS:

Audio commentary by Troy Howarth
Audio commentary with star Lone Fleming and moderator Calum Waddell
Audio commentary with Rod Barnett & Troy Guinn
Alternate US Opening of "Revenge from Planet Ape"
Awakening of Spanish horror cinema: Featurette (14 minutes)
German Music Video
Marauders from the Mediterranean: The Macabre Magic of the Spanish
Zombie Movie (89 minutes)
Original Theatrical Trailer, Stills gallery


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