Hong Kong DVD edition in anamorphical widescreen and with japanese, cantonese, mandarin and korean audio DTS-ES or 5.1
and with english subtitles. A Triptych of short long films horror and a sequel to "Three" and made by three important directors

1. Box
(Japan) director: Takashi Miike - A Woman (Kyoko Hasegawa) suffers from a recurrent nightmare about being locked into
a box and then buried in the ground. In her youth she was a circus performer, a Contortionist together with her sister Shoko (40 minutes)

2. Dumplings
(Hong Kong) director: Fruit Chan, Photography: Christopher Doyle The Short 37 minutes version -
The Ex-actress Mrs. Li (Miriam Yeung)is married to her unfaithful husband (Tony Leung Ka Fai, the Tall Tony) and she worries a lot
about getting old and unattractive (The Hollywood Syndrome). She visits the chinese herb and witch woman and abortionist Mei
(very charimatically acted by Bai Ling) to rejuvenate herself, and she treats herself to some very special Dumplings made of the flesh
from aborted phoetuses and at first she feels both younger and sexier, but ....

Hong Kong Artmovie director Fruit Chan surprises with a very, very good drama Horror. Maybe not as good as the fascinating Going
Home by Peter Ho from anthology horror "Three" but almost. This long short movie was also released as a feature length movie.

3. Cut
(South Korea) director: Park Chan-wook - Visually fine and disturbing long short from the hailed South korean director.
The director Ryu Ji-ho and his wife Mi-ran (Gang Hye-jung) are taken hostage by a home invading psychopath (Im Won-hee) an
ex-extra and who directs his own Terror performance (in a film studio ?) (45 minutes). Yes, this was slick looking but also the least
great film i've seen yet from the Maestro (with the possible exception of his US film "Stoker" that i liked even less.
I love his Revenge Trilogy, his quirky Sci-Fi "I'm a Cyborg But That's OK", his amazing short film N.E.P.A.L (Never Ending Peace
and Love) and also his experimental "Night Fishing" shot on IPhones and in black & white.

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