This Perfect Girl (Zui wan mei de nu hai, 2017)

Taiwan Catchplay 2017 DVD edition

Popular Taiwanese mando pop singer, actress and model Tia Lee is famous in her home country for being a former member of the girl group "Dream Girls"
and for being a younger look-a-like to famous actress Vivan Hsu - Little Vivian.
Unfortunately she's quite BAD as an actress in this film, her feature film debut, but she can be heard singing in the end credits and her voice is just beautiful,
crystal clear, nice. However, most other actors/actresses in this film are bad too so maybe Malaysian director Remus Kam Mook could be blamed too.
This is a suspense-thriller or a horror-mystery and at least the many death's are brutal and bloody, even if they're made by CGI, that's something i guess.

Yeh Xin (Tia Lee) studies psychology for psychiatrist Dr. Alice (Jia Rong Liang)when bodies are found digged down in Xin's garden, and among them are
the body of Xin's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. Is he, Lin Miao (Ray Cheng) mentally ill and a serial killer? People continue to die.

Taiwan DVD in a widescreen 2.40:1 aspect ratio and with mandarin audio 5.1 DD with english subtitles, region 3, no extras


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