Talvar (2015)

India Reliance Blu-ray

The Great Irrfan Khan on the cover

Text below written 2016-03-19

Talvar is one of 2 films that in 2014-2015 has been made about the in India very famous Aarushi Talwar double
murder case in 2008
when a young girl was found murdered at home in her bed with her throat cut, and close by
also the servant Hemraj. The Investigation was hampered by a sloppily done CSI and the police had to make 3
different turns at it before reaching a decision - a decision that .... No, that would be a spoiler.
But, the trial went on for years before the sentence came in November 2013, life in prison for the double murder.
This indie crime-drama is tautly made, well acted (especially by Super Actor Irrfan Khan) and full of suspense,
even though it mostly takes place after the murders and depicts the police investigation of the case. But, there's
"false" flashbacks illuminating the different murder theories and some grisly scenes of throat-cutting.

The "Other" film about this famous murder case is Rahasya, but this film takes some liberties and add some murders
to the pot and tells a slightly different story. Even though this, the relatives to Aarushi Talwar tried to stop the film
Rahasya due to similarities and the Court decided the film could be shown in January 2016.
Also Rahasya is Very Good and also has a Bollywood Super Actor in it, the amazing Kay Kay Menon.

The Story of Talvar:

The Tandon Family, that's Doctor Ramesh (Neeraj Kabi) and his wife Nutan (Konkona Sen Sharma) and their
14 year old teenage daughter Shruti (Ayesha Parveen).
One morning Shruti is found dead in her bed with her throat cut and first the male servant Chetan, who's disappeared,
is suspected, but is later found dead with his throat cut in some locked room in the vicinities.
A smug and betel chewing slapstick cop, Dhaniram (Gajrao Rao) is leading the CSI and he makes a mess of it, but
they arrest the parents suspected for the double murder and the motive would be a honor killing, due to the fact that
the servant may have been found in the bed of the daughter by the perps.

Now, time for the Spanish Inquisi ..... sorry, seen to many Monty Python scetches lately .... for the CID, The Central
Investigation Department to step in (what's the difference between CID and CBI, i've no idea?) in the shape of
Ashwin Kumar (Irrfan Khan) and he and his assistant has to re-do the investigation from scratch and there are some
different murder scenarios shown in "false" flashbacks.
Finally, there's a 3rd investigation going and this time led by prosecutor Paul (Atul Kumar) and the big question is -
who's the suspect ? Will there be enough evidences gathered for a prosecution and a trial ?

anamorphic widescreen, hindi DTS HD or DD 5.1 audio with english subs, script and great music by Vishal Bhardwaj
(the director of classic Maqbool) and Making Of featurette (8 minutes without subs) and infographic trailer.
The nice song Shaam Ka Saaye is sung by Arijit Singh during the credits and with lyrics by Gulzar and the fabulous
and legendary actress Tabu is making a guest performance as Ashwin's ex-wife Reema. What a MILF she is ...
- and with that male chauvinist pig statement i ended this text, i'm sorry, i'm un-correctable


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