Tag (Rioru onigokko, 2015)

UK Eureka! 2017 Blu-ray and DVD combo edition

Text below written 2018-01-15


Please don't take offence all fans of Sion Sono, but i always thought of him as a Takashi Miike epigone, but more puerile than Miike then
if that's even possible. But to be puerile could mean something not all that bad if you're making films, as you've some pizzazz left in you,
for your filmmaking. Sono seems obsessed with splatter and schoolgirls and a diversity of nihilistic stuff, BUT he's doing it in an oftenly
surrealistic artistic way that's somewhat interesting at least.

Where my ex-favourite Miike often makes more mainstream looking films nowadays, and seldom let's us see his wonderfully bizarre self,
Sion Sono continues making his "own" bizarre films, decidedly uncommercial and the Blu-ray sleeve claiming Sono to be an auteur pro-
bably is right with that statement. An auteur of bizarre nonsense, but still some sort of auteur and that's worth something, admittedly.

OK, so i'm not a big Sono fan but this film really was strange. So weird that i couldn't possibly think that it's based on a novel (by Yusuke
Yamada, 2001) but more likely on a used Sono napkin during some drunken bar odyssey and found a day later in one of his trouser pockets.
The Story: Splatter killings and schoolgirls - The End. Well, almost ...

The film starts with a bus full of happy singing schoolgirls out on some trip. Everyone's happy and it's a sunny day when suddenly all of
the girls are cut in half in a CGI splatter orgy. Everyone except Mitsuko (Reina Triendl) who knelt down looking for her dropped pencil.
The murderer is .... an evil wind !? who chases her through the woods. But soon she finds herself back at her school and all of her class-
mates are perfectly alive and well. Was it all a dream? Well, it looks that way - until another massmurder suddenly takes place, and Mitsuko
changes into another high-school girl, Keiko (Mariko Shinoda) and more splatter enfolds, and etc. etc. until the disappointing ending.

And, maybe the greatest thing about this film is the song Real onigokko performed by great band Glim Spanky and singer Remi Matsuo

Presented in 1.85:1 widescreen and PCM stereo japanese audio with english subtitles, and with only a trailer as extra.
The Blu-ray in region B and the DVd in region 2


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