Strip Nude for Your Killer(Nude per l'assassino/Desnuda ante el asesino, 1975)

Spanish DVD edition at left and the old US Blue Underground DVD edition at the right

The Story of this epic sleaze giallo goes like this: People connected to the photo studio Albatross are murdered and the death of an earlier model
during an abortion has something to do with it .... there, i spoiled it for you, sorry. When i first wrote about this giallo some 10-15 years ago i may
have had a slightly demeaning manner towards the film and the director Andrea Bianchi, calling it schlocky trash or something like that. Today in
2019 i just love B gialli and i want to watch every such film ever made in Italy and Spain during appr. 1965-1985.

The first time i saw this B giallo was some 15 years ago in 2005 and during the Golden Age of the DVD, when a plethora of small beautiful companies
released genre film DVD e.g. with strange things from Japan, mexican 60's horror, horror and Gialli, and Blue Underground were just one of these
companies. You could finally see these great gialli films on DVD in fine condition and often with lots of extras and audio commentaries.
So, at first the classics of the genre were released, the masterpieces by i.a. Argento, Fulci, Martino, Lado and Bava. You became somewhat spoiled
with the obvious cinematic talents and when the B gialli releases started to pour in, they could've been met with less respect than necessary. Sorry.

Genre Icon and Goddess Edwige Fenech as Magda in "Nude per l'assassino" wearing a wolf fur jacket (a definitive no-no today)

Today (in 2019) all A gialli has probably long since been released (but, maybe an forgotten treasure can still be digged up somewhere)
and you have to do with efforts from the biggest fold of the genre - the B Gialli. And, i've started to love these "minor efforts" and maybe
even preferring them to the A films. The often obscure directors, maybe with some trashy spaghetti weaterns under their belt, and maybe
not that cinematically competent in a curious way had their shortcomings work within the Giallo genre. Films with strange acting, stories,
weird editing with lots of close-ups of eyes and with cool soundtracks just made these crime mysteries the better. Gave them a feverish
feeling of insanity on the loose and maybe even a hallucinatory viewing experience. Just beautiful.

One of the Genre staples - The Redhead. Femi Benussi as model Lucia in "Nude per l'assassino"

This film is one of the more sleazy efforts of the genre, with a killer in black wearing a MC helmet killing off a bunch of people. The film starts
with a woman dying during an abortion and with the doctor trying to hide the real reason for her death. Then the doctor is killed by the MC
giallo killer whereafter the perp starts slicing up the people from a photo studio.
The studio is owned by lesbian Gisella (Amanda), she's married to fat Maurizio, Carlo (Nino Castelnuovo, i.a. in 1969 Psychout to Murder)
is a photographer, Magda (Edwige Fenech, also a photographer, Lucia (Femi Benussi), Doris (Erna Shurer) and Patricia are models.

Erna Shurer as Doris in "Nude per l'assassino"

This giallo is clearly an B effort from Andrea "Burial Ground" Bianchi BUT .... it's violent, has got a really cool funky soundtrack from Berto
Pisano and it has a lot of glorious nudity from i.a. iconic Edwige Fenech and Femi Benussi. Very entertaining and never a dull moment.
When almost everyone in the film have been killed you start to wonder who the killer could be? (When i saw this film the first time around
i remember you could see the film team in the reflection from Maurizio's kitchen door, i'm not sure this time).
The Spanish DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1:2.35 and with english audio 2.0, no extras (or italian audio without english subs)

The old Blue Underground US DVD was presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a mono english audio and as extras interviews with
actress Solvi Stubing and with script writer Massimo Felisatti and with a trailer