Street Law (Il Cittadino si Ribella, 1974)

US Code Red - REGION A stated on sleeve


Crime Wave is on ! In a Full throttle intro we get to see all sorts of crimes being committed in the city of Genua, burglary,
robbery, kidnapping and murder. In a bank robbery scene the common citizen Carlo Antonelli, played by the great Franco
Nero (and he's Not a tough guy in this film, he's afraid and schocked by the brutality of the robbers) is beaten up and taken
as hostage by the three robbers. They flee by car and a great car chase scene through the streets of Genua follows. As we all
know Enzo G. Castellari just LOVES car chase scenes and he was a master of such daring action scenes.
In the old US Blue Underground DVD edition of this film and in the audio commentary William Lustig is baffled to hear that
this amazing scene was shot in the real Genua traffic without any permit whatsoever.

Above: The old US Blue Underground DVD

Carlo survives the car chase and he's deeply upset and feels degraded after the ordeal he's been through. He is disappointed
with the police doing little to find the robber trio (played by Romano Puppo, Neno Zamperia and Massimo Vanni) and he starts
sleuthing around by himself asking questions in the bad parts of the town. Charles Bronson vigilante mode is On.
He lures a small-time criminal, Tommy (GianCarlo Preta) to help him find the robbers and to provide him with weapons, and you
ask yourself - could this end in a "Buddy" type of movie ? Will they find the three thugs for a final showdown ?

This film is memorable for it's well made action scenes, as the early car chase through the crowded streets of Genua and for the
unusual chase where Franco Nero is hunted by one of the robbers driving a car and amazingly Nero is said to have made these
stunts himself. What a legend Franco Nero is. The dialogue sometimes is cringy and Barbara Bach is hardly in the movie at all
playing the girlfriend of Carlo Antonelli. The soundtrack by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis was nice.

The Blu-ray from Code red presents the film in a 2018 HD scan 100 minutes cut widescreen 1.85:1 and with an english audio dub
DTS-HD MA 2.0, and also in a short 78 minutes US Cut. Extras an audio commentary by Troy Howarth and an 2018 interview
with Franco Nero (28 minutes in english) and an original trailer. The bluray sleeve states that this disc is REGION A coded.


(The old US DVD were also presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and had an audio commentary by Enzo G. Castellari, his son Andrea
and William "Bill" Lustig as moderator (in english), interviews with Enzo G. Castellari and with Franco Nero (17 minutes from
2006) and a trailer and a TV spot)


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