The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)

- Is that a cool sleeve or not?

US Paramount DVD edition, region 1

A fine Noir drama with great acting and for it's time a modern psychological look at a marriage from Hell, and
with Kirk Douglas in his film debut and Lizabeth Scott in her second film. And, when i'm writing this in February
2020 i hear on the radio that Kirk Douglas has died 103 years old - R.I.P. Kirk The Great.

Young woman Martha Ivers lives, against her will, with her very rich aunt Mrs. Ivers (played by Judith Anderson
the fantastic actress, that nasty housemaid in Rebecca), a woman that practically owns the industrial town of Iverstown.
Martha frolics with her best friends Sam and the neat Walther and the latter witnesses how Martha kills her aunt.

18 years later, Sam (Van Heflin) returns to Iverstown where he meets small-time criminal Toni (Lizabeth Scott) and
where Martha (Barbara Stanwyck) manages the industrial Company and is married to Walther (Kirk Douglas).
Their marriage is miserable and Sam wonders why someone wants him to leave town.
The film was presented in 4:3 fullscreen original ratio, mono


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