The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (1945)

Spanish Blu-ray edition

Fine crime melodrama and very well acted by all players, and Ella Raines (the legendary Film Noir actress) look fabulous.
The story takes place in the little New Hampshire town of Corinth where most of the citizens works in the Mill, and our
man, Harry Quincey (George Sanders) is a bachelor in his 40's who lives in a big house with his two sisters and a maid.
Once the Quincey's owned the Mill and were the most important family in the town but now Harry works as a pattern
designer of the textiles and everything he owns is the house.

He lives his sleepy routine life with his sickly younger sister Letti (Geraldine Fitzgerald) and his older sister Hester (Moyna
MacGill) and the housemaid Nona (Sara Allgood). One day a young woman from the New York branch visits the Mill,
and she's Deborah Brown (Ella Raines) and she and Harry fall in love.
But, Letti is a despicable possessive and maybe also even incestuos bitch and she does everything to ruin The Strange
Affair of Uncle Harry. She's furious when Harry tells her that he will marry Deborah and she refuses to move out of her
brothers house. Will this nasty story end in catastrophe ?

Film presented in original 4:3 fullscreen, black & white, english audio, region all, no extras