Stalled (2013)

US Phase 4 Films unrated DVD edition

A Fun minimalistic british indie horror-comedy and some sort of Christmas Zombie-Horror tale with a not
so likeable and nameless anti-hero in the main role (Dan Palmer). I think it's a british film anyway, not sure.
We're in some office building and it's Christmas Eve and there's a Party going on somewhere in the building.
A man in a overall is doing something in the ladies toilet and his tool-box is brimming over with pound notes.
Who's he and why the money in the box ?

He's a pissed-off ex-janitor who has robbed his ex-work mates charity donation box, and .... he's not in-
vited to the party either. Now, he's dozing off in one of the toilet stalls when 2 girls enters and one of them
has got a nasty wound on her .... oh, oh, not a good sign in a horror movie bacause that can only mean one
thing - Zombies ahead! And, yes, suddenly she bites the other girl in the neck.
She hears Mr. X in the stall and attacks (see pic above) and now it's too late for leaving the toilet as more
and more party guests turned zombies enters the ladies toilet. They are massing up outside of his hiding place
and now - He's Stalled .... will he survive the Apocalypse ?


Peek-a-boo !

A Highly original take on the Zombie theme this was, as it's almost experimental in it's minimalistic approach.
Most of the film takes place with Mr. X locked into his toilet stall, with his his thoughts, his conversation with
another stalled one, a woman and with his desperate search for a way out of this apocalyptic hell-hole.
Kudos to the filmmakers that managed to do someting new and original with the tired zombie concept.
widescreen, english 5.1 or 2.0 with Extras: 1. Commentary track with director Christian James, actor and
scriptwriter Dan Palmer and moderator Rick Edwards, 2. Commentary track with producers Dan
Pickering and Richard Kerrigan, Behind the Scenes (55 min), Opening sequence - storyboard comparison,
Ladder sequence - storyboard comparison

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