Soul Mate (2016)

Hong Kong Edko Films DVD edition

Great and superbly acted drama about the friendship between 2 girls and directed by the son of Eric ... Derek Tsang.
Lin Qiyue, July and Li Ansheng meet when they are 13 years old and then they are unseparable friends, until the guy,
Su Jia-ming (Toby Lee) comes between them and makes them split in their 20's and chose different paths in life.

After not having met for many years Li Ansheng hears that July Lin Qiyue has written a web series, Soul Mate, about
their friendship. A guy from a publishing house asks her help to contact July and achieve the publishing rights.
Ansheng hasn't read it and now starts to read, and .... voilá .... Flashback time when she remembers the story of the film.

Ansheng (the amazing Zhou Dongyu) became the wild teenager working in a rockclub as a bartender, and July (the amazing
Sandra Ma Sichun) were the family girl. July falls in love with handsome athlete Su Jia-Ming and the girls friendship is
strained. Ansheng leaves and starts a drifting life but July stays and finishes school planning to marry the guy when they
turn 26. But fate finally makes the girls to reverse their way of living.

The story may be simple but it's about eternal friendship, something we all value and as we get older a true friend is worth
a lot, BUT this film reaches it's power due to the acting of Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun and they both won very well
deserved Golden Horse awards for best actress. They made an impact and their future looks very good indeed.
Newbie Toby Lee was good too as the guy.

The film is based on the novel Qiyue and Ansheng by someone named Li Jie and/or Qinshan and/or Anni Baobei alias
Annie Baby. The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with mandarin audio DTS 5.1 or 5.1 DD plus english subs
trailer and a photo gallery as extras

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