Sonno Profondo (Deep Sleep, 2013)

US Brink Vision DVD

A just over an hour long Experimental Art Giallo, an explosion of colors, close-ups, a constantly moving POV camera
diving in on an assortment of objects, childrens dolls, an Italian Playboy magazine, knives, a key etc.
A tribute to the Giallo film genre with music á la Goblin, dark gloves, J&B Whiskey bottles, a white telephone, a yellow
colored pulp fiction novel and a whispering threatening voice. The sweeping camera over childrens playthings and a child
stabbing it's parent do give heavy vibes of Argento's Profondo Rosso and also the title Deep Sleep (vs. Deep Red)

But this film doesn't have the usual crime mystery story with a sleuthing model, journalist or police inspector as it's more
of a collection of images than a straight giallo. A giallo shattered to hundreds of pieces. It has got some vibes of the arty
neo-giallo Amer with it's experimental style, but i like this film more. Sonno Profondo is very hard to follow, and as the
director says in the interview you probably need to see it a 2nd time to really understand the plot, BUT it has got something
to it that makes it interesting. A personal style, a visual sense, some pensive feelings of melancholia with graveyard, tomb-
stones and the forgotten discarded things of childhood..
Warning for handheld camera - the film warn people suffering from epilepsy at the beginning of the film

The Story .... ?

Someone with dark gloves on plays with a knife, fondles a 1970's men's magazine and stalks and kills a Brazilian model
named Monica Mele and the first 9 minutes are without any dialogue. The perp receives some photos of him stalking the
woman, a key to a hospital locker and a phone call where a person with whispering voice threatens to kill him, Franco ?
There's a traffic accident, a hospital, a sister - Francesca, old photographs, a porno film, a graveyard and a nurse.
I'm not sure what really happened in this dreamlike odd film though, but cudos to the filmmakers for their vision and it will
be quite interesting to see what The Onetti's (and Daiana Garcia) will come up with next (the 2015 film Francesca).

There's not much speaking in this film but the dialogue that's there are in italian for some reason (?), even though the film
clearly takes place in a Spanish speaking country and has got some for Europe exotic looking South American looking
trees and i guess this film was shot in Argentina

Anamorphic widescreen, italian audio dolby digital stereo with burnt in english subtitles. Extras: short interview with 6 min
with director etc. Luciano Onetti, deleted scene, trailer and teaser (with ironic voice by Onetti joking with US trailers?)


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