Slugs (1987)

UK Arrow Films Blu-ray edition

Turnable sleeve

Text below written 2019-05-19

A Spanish-USA co-production with exteriors shot in the small town of Lyons, Wayne County in the up-state of NY, and with the interior
scenes shot in Spain. It's a catastrophe horror with slugs going mutant after pollution. Hey, in the 1970's and 80's they made catastrophe
films about a whole bunch of animals and insects attacking people, so why not Slugs also ?
Films about Killer - Bugs, - Bees, - Spiders, - Ants, - Worms, - Parasytes, - Rats, - Bears, - Crocodiles, - Sharks, - Whales, - Birds, - Snakes,
- Dogs, - Cats (surely?) ... OK, i can't think about more deadly critters now.

This GREAT trashy B-movie of a film has an almost Zero budget which can be seen in the atrocious acting, but the gore and special effects
are fine and innovatively done even though made on the cheap (great interviews with the special effects guys, Carlo De Marchis and Gonzalo
Gonzalo about how they made them). Meet The Mutant Man-Eating Slugs - the slugs were delightfully nasty.


Mike Brady (Michael Garfield) is the Wayne County Health Inspector (and not then of the 1970's punkrock singer with his group The Electric
Chairs, but of the town in New York state) and he desperately tries to warn an assortment of officials as the police and the Mayor etc. that the
town actually are under attack by Killer slugs, but to no avail, and soon the creatures attack from the sewers, from the water taps and from toilets.
The Salad scene made me nauseous and poor Dave (Emilio Linder). Fine miniatures and explosions.

This UK Arrow Films Blu-ray edition is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with an english mono with english subtitles
Extras: 2 separate audio commentaries - one with the author of the novel, Shaun Hutson, and one with Chris Alexander, Here's Slugs in your Eye:
interview with actor Emilio Linder (7 minutes in spanish with subs, 2016), They Slime, They Ooze, They Kill: interview with special effects artist
Carlo De Marchis (10 minutes in italian with subs, 2016), Invasion USA: interview with art director Gonzalo Gonzalo (11 minutes in spanish with
subs, 2016), The Lyons Den: interview with production manager Larry Ann Evans (Lyons, Wayne County, 20 minutes in english, 2016 - a very
likeable woman), trailer, a Booklet

She remembers something funny, as when she told Juan Piquer Simón about how bad the acting was in some scene: JPS "Esta bien, esta bien"


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