Shin Gojira (2016)


Text below written 2017-08-01

Yeees, it should be an international declared law that only the Japanese are allowed to make kaiju movies with the
magnificent beast Gojira. The glorious days with a guy in a rubber suit stomping the miniatyr paper houses of Tokyo
down may be over for some rotten CGI to be used, but still Gojira/Godzilla looks better in a japanese film.
And this time the beast has an apoalyptic approach to humanity .... and to the miniatyr paper houses of Tokyo, no,
kidding, CGI was used this time. The film has a serious tone and a lot of the governmental decisions of how to
protect Tokyo and Japan are shown, and with a lot of critical political satire about the relations between Japan and
the USA and of how the US takes over the show with the warhawks ready to use nukes in the Tokyo area to prevent
the severely pissed off beast to advance against the american west coast.

The film starts with some destruction to the Tokyo bay traffic tunnel, is it an earthquake or is it ....?
Yes, it's a strange beast looking like a giant Stegosaurus chicken with fins who mutates into the more familiar looking
reptile of Gojira. Can it walk the land - yes it can, and soon the beast stomps away happily at the outskirts of Tokyo
and with the disaster area looking quite a bit like the one from the real Japan tsunami some years ago.
Goro Maki, the elderly ex-professor who handled the first Gojira many years ago has foreseen the appearance of the
beast and could his material help handling the creature this time too?

Probably not. After the japanese army failed stopping the reptile with bullets and missiles the US enters with the really
heavy missiles stuff which only makes the beast even angrier and it starts to breathe fire and incinerates Tokyo.
Time for the nukes, but how to evacuate the largest populated city area in the world (with some 38 million people
living in the Big Tokyo area)?
This was a GOOD Godzilla effort with a serious apocalyptic tone to it


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