Shimauma: The Movie (2016)

Hong Kong CN Entertainment Ltd. DVD edition

Dark, unpleasant and Nasty crime-horror with violence and even more violence. Everyone in this film is human waste with the possible
exception of the ex-cop Amikawa (Maiko Amano) but he's very violence proned too and gladly beats people to a pulp.
I'm too old i guess, maybe i would've enjoed this film 20 years ago. Today i think these nihilistic filmmakers are just .... embarrassing.
The "Hero" of this film, Dora (Ryo Ryusei) may be the most unlikeable piece of garbage i've ever seen on film, only Rob Zombie's
disgusting "heroes" in "The Devil's Rejects" may be worse.

Tatsuo or Dora (Ryo Ryusei) is a young disgusting criminal who leads a gang of smalltime criminals. When he beats and tortures a
yakuza member he's abducted by a group of human devils called "Collectors". The Yakuza hired them to torture and disfigure Tatsuo
AKA Dora but one of the psychos is Aka (Kenta Suga) who knows Dora from school, and he lets Dora live.
Dora is offered to join the gang and he gladly accepts, and he starts torturing victims himself. Shimauma is his annoying piece of shit boss.

The Problem is: As a viewer i want to see these inhuman nihilistic disgusting perp turds to be punished and desperately so. But just as
in the case of Rob Zombie, the filmmakers loves their torturers and refuses to give them the standard "Bad Guy treatment". But I want
to see them die, and painfully. But NO, Evil wins and that smug sneering hero Dora walks away to do new "Fun" killings.
This film is among the worst crap i've ever seen. If the mentally ill ? filmmakers are attacked by thugs on the street i hope the passers
by will laugh at them and clap their hands. To think that this crap has been a TV series .... mindboggling and the Youth watching this
nihilistic evil and thinkinf it was cool for sure must be scary.

Turd director Hajime Hashimoto tells us that Ryo Ryusei's Dora is a cool guy i suppose ? Based on a manga for sure ?

This film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with a DD 2.0 japanese audio with english subtitles
Only a trailer as extras, region 3