Sette orchidee macchiate di rosso (Seven Blood Stained Orchids/Das rätsel des silbernen halbmonds, 1972)

German Koch Films 3 disc Blu-ray and DVD combo edition

The Krimi Connection ... or not!

This magnificent giallo film could well be Umberto Lenzi's Best, and it has a German Krimi as well as an American Pulp Fiction connection
and whatabout the Edgar Wallace blurb on the cover ? This film was an Italian and German co-production, and in Germany they had produced
crime mystery films for over a decade at this time, in a Teutonic genre called Krimi. These films were pretty cool and could be seen as a sort of
Proto Gialli films and most often they were based on crime stories written by Edgar Wallace, and some on his son Bryan Edgar Wallace stories.

So, as the German's co-produced it and wanted to cash in on (the by 1972 fading) Krimi interest they faked this Krimo connection by giving it
the title Das rätsel des silbernen halbmonds, in english "The Riddle of the Silver Crescent" something sounding like one of the many Edgar
Wallace based Krimis, as "The Riddle of the Red Orchid" from 1962. This film however has nothing to do with Edgar Wallace. Instead it is based
on one of Pulp Fiction Master Cornell Woolrich best novels, his ...

Rendezvous in Black (Hämndens ögonblick, 1948) is a part of The Master's Black Series and really a different take on The Bride Wore Black (1940).
A Great, great novel about Obsession and Revenge it is and Umberto Lenzi in the extras acknowledges that his story and script was a free adaption
of the Woolrich novel and a homage to the author and has nothing to do with Edgar Wallace.

The pic at top right (from the booklet included with the sleeve) shows an Argento influence, and at the beginning of this film a black clad killer
including wearing the black gloves attacks and kills an old woman with a stiletto knife and beats her prostitute daughter to death at the river brink of
the Tiber. The actress playing Inez La Toscana, the prostitute and who provides the nudity was Gabriella Giorgelli, once a Ms. Italy and who made
another film with Umberto Lenzi in 1977. In the extras she says that Lenzi was a nice person, when he in his interview calls her a "Porn" actress.

This film is a VERY stylish giallo with some amazing murder scenes and not the least the Rosella Falk one, when she is murdered in her bathtub in a
Mario Bava homage. This murder scene is suspenseful and horrifying due to the excellent cinematography and her fine acting as victim no. 4, the
poor signora Marschi. Seven Blood Stained Orchids may not be as violent compared to Lenzi's other gialli but it is made in an impressive stringent
way, straight to the point, and with a fine soundtrack from Riz Ortolani. A whole bunch of beautiful women are in it too : Uschi Glas (a German actress
known from i.a. Krimi films), Gabriella Giorgelli, Marina Malfatti, Rosella Falk, Marisa Mell and German former Ms. World, Petra Schürmann.

The Old US Shriek Show DVD edition

Why are 7 women who stayed at the same hotel 2 years earlier killed off, one after the other ? Mario (Antonio Sabato) is a fashion designer
and his wife Giulia (Uschi Glas) runs a boutique. It takes some time for the police and Mario to figure out the connection between the
female victims in a series of murders, a Calabrian prostitute working as a maid in a Tuscany hotel, her mother, an english girl (Marina Malfatti),
Rosella Falk's Signora Marschi, the teacher De Rosa (Petra Schürmann) and Marisa Mell.
And Yes, i almost forgot, but when mentioning Marisa Mell i remembered, we have a great and/or nasty Driller Killer scene too. In the extras
Umberto Lenzi (1931-2017) was elderly but very vital (besides the Inez confusion?).

One disc with the DVD version and another with the Blu-ray, and the film is presented in 2.35:1 widescreen with a DTS HD MA 2.0 in english
or italian audio with english subtitles. The blu-ray plays 92 minutes and the DVD 89 minutes. Region B.
Extras: On the blu-ray 3 trailers (a German, an Italian and an English) and a picture gallery. And on the 3rd extras DVD (NO English Subs) :

1. Documentary - Umberto: Interview with Lenzi (42 minutes, Grindhouse Releasing 2018) in Italian with German subtitles, about his career,
his films and his favourite directors, 2. Uschi Glas: International (10 minutes, featurette in German) about her international film career,
3. Rendezvous in Giallo: Umberto Lenzi about Sette orchidee macchiate di rosso, pornstar actress (Inez, Giorgelli ?) the script and the novel
(23 minutes, Code Red 2017, in Italian with German subtitles), 4. Nackt für den Killer: Interview with Inez - Gabriella Giorgelli (18 minutes, Koch
Film 2019, in Italian with German subtitles), 5. Mino Loy: Memorie di un produttore (8 minutes, 2007, in Italian with German subtitles), booklet

The Old US Shriek Show DVD was presented also in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 and had some interviews (can't remember) and a trailer