The Crimes of the Black Cat (Sette scialli de seta gialla, Seven Shawls of Yellow Silk, 1972)

US Cauldron Films 2021 Blu-ray edition


YEEES ! Finally a decent release of this Great B giallo. The old DVD release with english subs from Dagored Films was an ABOMINATION with
a picture so dark you could hardly see what was happening. The only thing it had going for it was a nice DVD sleeve.
I like this giallo a lot and as it takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, a city i've visited many, many times this makes it one of my Gialli favourites.
This Cauldron Films Blu-ray edition claims it is a 4K restoration. It may be so but still the colors are faded and in the beginning of the film also
very grainy but it gets better further on. Still, they could've stated what caused this bad picture quality at the beginning, a bad source print perhaps?

This excellent and very entertaining B giallo has a lot of murders going on and with one of the most bizarre murder methods used in any of the gialli
movies. The film - The Crimes of the Black Cat AKA Sette scialli di seta gialla AKA Seven Shawls of Yellow Silk - is clearly inspired mostly by the
films of Dario Argento but also by a director as Mario Bava and his groundbreaking "Blood and Black Lace". The latter film regarding the Fashion
House as a setting and the screaching bird from "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage" and in the audio commentary these influences are pointed
out. But, regarding the window death scene Argento may have borrowed it himself for use in his later Deep Red and/or in Phenomena.

Turnable bluray sleeve

A fashion house model, Paola (Isabelle Marschall) has dumped her boyfriend, blind pianist Maestro Peter Oliver (Anthony Steffen) and when he
contemplates his sorrow over this, sitting in the bar Gilleleje in Nyhavn, Copenhagen (Gilleleje the northern point of the danish island Zealand)
he overhears a conversation from the booth behind him. He's blind and he has a well developed hearing. It's a strange conversation as a woman
promises to "do it tonight" and the other person, a man or a woman is talking with a whispering distorted and somewhat disturbing voice.
The waiter tells Peter that a woman in a white cape left the booth .... alone.

Paola works in a Danish Fashion House as a model, and the business is owned by Francoise Ballais (Sylvia Koscina) and she manages it with her
boyfriend Victor Morgan (Giacomo Rossi Stuart). Then Paola is found dead alone in her room at the studio, and she has been killed by something
in a straw basket, hmm, what could it be .... don't look at the sleeve .... forget about the english title .... hmm, what could it be ?
Soon more of the models start to die in brutal ways and soon the chase is on for the The White Cape Junkie Woman", Susan (Jeanette Lin AKA
Giovanna Lenzi). Could she have something to do with the murders ?

The old Dagored Films DVD sleeve

Maestro Peter and his assistant Burton (Umberto Raho) starts sleuthing around in the usual giallo manner and is soon helped by also the
roommate of Paola, the blonde Margot (Shirley Corrigan, seen i.a. in Belgian 1971 gothic horror The Devil's Nightmare).
And, beware of the very nasty shower murder sequence at the end of the film. The film wasn't gory at all until that scene but then .... yuck!
The film is Argentoesque and i found Anthony Steffen to be quite good in the part as the blind piano maestro Peter and role of Susan felt
interesting and unusual too (cudos to Jeanette Lin/Giovanna Lenzi).

The old Dagored Films DVD sleeve

Once when writing about the old DVD edition i recommended all to see this very entertaining giallo - but in a better edition, and now this can
be done with Cauldron's bluray edition of this obscure gem of the genre.

The film is presented in 2.35:1 widescreen ratio and with english or italian mono audio with english subtitles, region ALL.
Extras: a commentary audio by Troy Howarth and Nathaniel Thompson, another commentary audio by the Giallo podcast "Fragments of Fear",
Remembering Sergio Pastore: Interview with daughter Sara Pastore (18 minutes in italian with english subtitles), Sergio Pastore: un ammirevole
indipende (17 minutes by daughter), Trailer and an Image gallery


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