Il Sesso della strega (The Sex of the Witch, 1973)

Italian CG Entertainment DVD

Camille Keaton in peril again in an italian 1970's giallo

I hoped for english subtitles on this otherwise very nice italian DVD release, as there sometimes are such on italian
editions, but there were none. OK, no problem as i nowadays after watching too many films really don't need any
to understand the goings on. That's the rule normally for most mainstream horror films, thrillers or whatever, BUT
maybe not for complicated italian gialli to understand the twists and turns. Often the plots are similar though, someone
is rich and maybe dead with lots of people wanting the money, and a killer with black gloves starts reducing the
competition, preferrably with a razor or a knife, or a sword, a medieval battle-axe, a saw-machine, a steel square,
insect pesticide, acid, drowning, strangling, finger knives, window decapitation, poison, killer cats, killer rats, electric
noose, drilling machine, hatchet, razor-blade, suffocation, a bow, electricity, a javelin and maybe even just a gun.

But this time i understood little of the plot and my first thought was that the lack of english subs was the culprit, but
after listening to the still beautiful Camille Keaton in the extras i know better. "What the heck was that film about"
or something like that she said and i now know that Il Sesso della strega is known for being so strange that most
viewers don't understand anything. A glorious mess that's very enjoyable to watch none the less.

The Great Donald O'Brien in work as the police inspector (hard to solve this case though, impossible)

An old man, Sir Thomas Hilton, lies dying in his mansion in front of his children and other acquaintances and you can
hear him narrate something (i had no idea what this was, but i cheated after the film and read some review, and it was
a curse against his hated children). The camera rotates around and we get to see the cold distant faces of the people at
his death bed, so the feelings probably were mutual. Later, a lawyer later reads the will of Sir Hilton and i've no idea
what he says. There are a lot of people gathered in the mansion: Susan the redhead sculptress (Susanna Levi) who has
sex with Edward (Massimo Nobile), the servant Tony (Christopher Oaks) who has sex with the servant-maid Gloria
(Marzia Damon) and with others, Ann (Camille Keaton) is having sex with .... etc. etc. and there is Ingrid (Anna Maria
Tornello) who has some secret dealings with Sir Hilton's sister Evelin (Jessica Dublin), the latter who makes some
magic potions and, voilá .... enter, Sergio Ferrero as Mr. X.

Susanna Levi as Susan Hilton, another nice redhead actress of the genre

The first murder victim is Johnny, Ann'a lover, who's clubbed to death like a norwegian seal and, voilá .... Enter,
The Inspector, played by the Great Donald O'Brien and judging from his looks, or his performance in countless of
spaghetti westerns or Joe D'Amato classics like Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibale or Imagino di un convento, he surely
won't solve this case and probably not that many other cases either.
There are some strange finger-knives used to claw the female victims, the nice dog Twinky and much confusion.

This DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 with an italian audio and italian subtitles - NO english subs.
As extra there is a nice interview with genre cult actress Camille Keaton - Un Americana a Roma (32 minutes) in
italian without english subs but some are spoken in english. She looks nice and talks about her career in italian 1970's
film. I LOVE these old B movie stars, they seem to be so nice generally and they are the REAL film stars ... Go fuck
yourself stuck-up Hollywood or other mainstream "Stars". You suck you assholes and can put your disgusting millions
of dollars in your a---s. Keaton jokes about how no-one knew what Il Sesso della strega was about.
Camille Keaton's most loved film among the genre fans must be Massimo Dallamano's 1972 Cosa avete fatto a Solange
but maybe her most famous film is the US 1978 female revenge horror I Spit on Your Grave


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