Secret Ceremony (1968)

Spanish Divisa Home Video - Universal 2020 Blu-ray edition


Arty thriller and psychological drama by Joseph Losey from 1968 and with Elizabeth Taylor (36 years old when shooting this film) as a
middle-aged woman down on her luck. Leonora (Taylor) mourns her dead daughter drowned only 10 years old. To survive she prostitutes
herself. One day Leonora is approached by a young woman, Cenci (Mia Farrow), who calls her mother and who invites Leonora to her
luxurious home, a mansion in London. Obviously the young woman is insane but Leonora plays along and pretends to be her mother.
She's impressed by the riches on display and she's fed by Cenci, and starved she eats like a hog.

Cenci is 22 years old and the sole heiress to the Engelhard fortune. Their arrangement seem to suit them both, Cenci has got a new mother
and resembling the old one, and Leonora has got a new daughter (her dead daughter would've been about 15 if she was alive).
Two of Cenci's aunties, the two harpys Hilda and Hanna visits and steal things and her stepfather Albert (Robert Mitchum) has been in
US jail and hangs around outside the house and lusting for his stepdaughter.

Did I like this ? Eeeeh .... No. Maybe a little as Elizabeth Taylor was good and pitiable as Leonora. Joseph Losey almost always is a bit
too arty for my taste, but at least the film was somewhat interesting, and there's some sort of a class struggle between the two women,
Leonora from the underclass and Cenci from the upper class. Also a theme i think i've seen in other Losey films.

The film is presented in widescreen 1.78:1 with an english audio DTS-HD MA 2.0 (and with only spanish subtitles), gallery, region B