Salvare la Faccia (Psychout for Murder / Daddy said the World was Lovely, 1969)

US alternative market DVD

Adrienne Larussa

Fine psychological crime drama, great looking and a bit arty with a nice soundtrack and with the gorgeous Adrienne Larussa in the main role.
She's very good as the revengeful disturbed rich girl and i just can't take my eyes off her .... wow! She seems to have had a very brief movie
career in italian film, i.a. Lucio Fulci's powerful Beatrice Cenci in 1969, made the same year as this film and 2 great films they are, and after that
nothing until she re-appeared on american TV and then had a career in TV series. Well, she was insanely gorgeous.

Or, is she not that good ? Am I hypnotized by her physical presence ? No, she's good and the film looks great, a bit artyish as suitable for a
1960's movie. I found this film in an "alternative market" DVD release and the picture has perfect quality, and this same version of the film can
be seen on Youtube also. There are 2 versions on this US DVD - 1. The Italian language one with english subtitles and in perfect quality, and
2. the English language one from Alpha Blue Archives, a bad quality one blurry and with washed out colors.
The versions differ some as another director added some Larussa nudity and a different intro to the english version.

Above: Adrienne Larussa and Nino Castelnuovo

Licia Brignoli (Larussa) is the daughter of a rich industrialist (played by Rozzano Brazzi, also the director and co-writer of this interesting film)
and when she have had sex with her boyfriend Mario (Nino Castenuovo, seen in many genre films as later e.g. the 1975 Nude per l'assassino)
in a hotel of bad reputation (a whorehouse) journalists are waiting outside and photographs them when leaving the place.
Mr. Brignoli is wealthy and famous and has just opened a new factory with the help of some politicians of power, and in a 1969 bigoted catholic
Italy his young daughter having sex in a whorehouse could cause a big scandal and hinder his bussiness future. What to do?
The Family, Mr. Brignoli, his daughter Giovanna (Paula Pitagori) and her husband Francesco (Alberto De Mendoza) decides to put Licia into a
mental asylum for treatment of her "condition" and by doing this rescue the family honour and dampen the fury of the papers.

When Licia, after her time at the asylym, returns home she's met by a family that seem to be ashamed of their actions, of what agony they may have
caused her. Licia is acting strangely, alternating between being playful and childish and being threatening and full of mischief. Licia will not forgive
her father, sister and brother-in-law or her scheming boyfriend and she's out for revenge. Welcome to the Fucked up Unhappy Rich Family

There's a scene with the opening of a public swimming-pool which her father has sponsored, and a pop band is playing. The guitarist looks quite a
bit like a young version of Italian singer/songwriter and composer legend Franco Battiato, he has the same nose. If so, he's uncredited and i can't
find any info anywhere that he appeared in the film. There are not many 1960's pictures of Battiato to be found, the guitar guy have exactly the same
nose as Battiato but their hairstyles seem to differ some and Battiato may've looked more progressive (what?) than this flower power looking guy.
Most surely i'm the only one in the whole world who ponders over this mystery, and you poor readers are probably bored to death?

The Mystery of the 2 different Versions

The English language version differs from the Italian one with some scenes shot by another director. The opening credits are different and the intro
scene too, the latter with Licia, at the asylum, telling her story in flashback to her doctor and there's another theme song played too.
But the most eeeh ... interesting difference is the bathroom sequence. Below Adrienne Larussa can be seen with bubbles in the italian version ....

But, in the english version (with alternative scenes shot by ... Ted Kneeland ?) Larussa takes her bath in another bathroom and in a tub without
bubbles where she can briefly be seen nude and enjoying herself with the showerhead (see pics below in washed out quality)

So, a somewhat arty looking crime-drama-thriller from 1969 at the fringe of the Gialli genre, and with a GREAT ending scene that stays in
your mind - A Family Hell. Kudos also to actor-director Rozzano Brazzi and to the LOVELY Adrienne Larussa. Recommended viewing

This "alternative market" DVD is presented in original 4:3 fullscreen ratio with italian audio and english subtitles. Very nice picture quality
Also there's the english audio version added, a bit different and with crappy picture quality (but nice to get to have that too)


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