Running On Karma (2003)

Hong Kong Mei Ah DVD

Text below written 2015-12-03

A Very Good and very different action-drama-comedy-fantasy-philosophical tale from Johnnie To, who at this moment in
time and in his career really was pushing his and the Hong Kong films limits. Not just probing into the gangster worlds and it's
mechanisms and power struggles - but - experimenting with the film form in delightfully quirky entrances to his already impressive
film Canon. As i write this in 2015-12-03 and i haven't seen this films for a decade now, in retrospective i do think Running On
and Throw Down, both made within a year in 2003-2004 are my favourite Johnnie To films (and then also automatically
on my Top Hong Kong Film List All Time also naturally).

Andy Lau is Big, a chinese ex-kung fu expert monk turned male stripper and he's also an illegal immigrant in Hong Kong.
Yes, and he wears a muscle-suit too and besides that, he's a medium with such ESP powers that he can see peoples Karma.
Big can see what will happen to them due what to what they may have done in their earlier lives.
He decides to help the female police officer Lee Fung Yee (played by Cecilia Cheung) with a murder case, and she reciprocally
helps him investigating the murder of his one-time friend and monk colleague and finds out where the murderer is hiding out

anamorphic widescreen, DTS or 5.1 cantonese with english subs