The Rocketeer (1991)

Some Euro edition DVD

Nazi Bad Guys Götterdämmerung

I saw this at the cinema in 1991 and remember that i found it enjoyable and this view stands also today when i re-watch
it on an old scratchy DVD. The reason i watched it in 1991 was because of Jennifer and i hadn't read the graphic novel.
I had seen her in Phenomena and the very odd Some Girls and was impressed, and i wondered a bit about her Boobs
in this film, as they're HUGE, did she have implants or something ? To be honest Jennifer is only OK in this film in a role
that's mostly Eye Candy and the Damsel in Distress part resqued by the hero at the end. Her acting abilities grew a lot
the following decade and she has acted in many great and important films (as Requiem for a Dream).
The interesting Some Girls with a young Jennifer Connelly can't be found on DVD or Blu-ray for some strange reason,
that film had some strange atmosphere in it and i remember it fondly even though it's over 25 years since i saw it

Lovely Jennifer

before her nosejob and weight loss, and she's lovely still today naturally, just looks different.
There was absolutely nothing wrong with her nose then

The Rocketeer definitely belongs to the limited group of films that you really, really want to see on a Blu-ray
edition as it looks Gorgeous. Cinematographer Hiro Narita just got it right, soundtrack composer James
Horner also, the costume makers, art directors ditto. Since the early 1990's we've been flooded with film
adaptions of comics, mangas and graphic novels but The Rocketeer is still one of the best.
It just has got some sweet and easy CHARM to it, and Timothy Dalton seems to love his role as the Bad
Guy, the Hollywood sword-fighting action hero Neville Sinclair (in an Erroll Flynn pastiche) combined secret
Nazi spy. Bill Campbell as the hero and Alan Arkin as his mechanic are OK too.
In a Bad Guy henchman role we can see Ronald "Tiny Ron" Taylor made up to look like 1930'-40's Holly-
wood film freak, akromegaly sick Rondo Hatton. Tiny Ron is 2.13 m tall but has got face prosthetics

The Story:

Clifford or Cliff (Bill Campbell) is a down on his luck pilot, a stunt flyer in a Flying Circus who, one day,
get lucky (or not, being involved with gangster killers and nazi spies sounds a bit risky) and finds a strange
apparatus hidden in one of the planes - a Jet motor-pack to be strapped on his back.
Unknown to him, this is a secret weapon constructed by millionaire genius Howard Hughes which have
been stolen by gangsters and then hastily hidden in the plane.
Cliff use the jetpack in the circus and creates a sensation as The Rocketeer. But the nazi's are after the
machine too. The Year is 1938 and Hitler plans an invincible jetpack flying soldier force to conquer the
world. So, Cliff's gorgeous girlfriend Jenny (Jennifer Connelly) suddenly is approached by the big film
star, the seemingly suave Neville Sinclair who is wooing her to get to Cliffs jetpack.
widescreen 2.35:1, 5.1 english with english subtitles, no extras

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