Macchie di Belletto (Detective Belli / Ring of Death / Un Detective / Die Klette, 1969)

German Film Art No. 20 Polizieschi 2023 Blu-ray edition Region all or B


Maybe this film isn't a typical giallo, as there are no killer dressed in black or a subjective camera seen through the killers eyes,
and maybe it isn't a regular Polizieschi either as there are no mobsters either, but a Eurocrime with a murder mystery and a bad
cop there is. Also there are the genre favourites Franco Nero and the Gialli goddess, my Brazilian favourite, Florinda Bolkan and
added to that a complicated plot which maybe, makes it a giallo after all. So, Macchie di Belletto is a Giallo and a pretty good one.

In the intro a man is shot seen through a window, the place is Rome and the mans name is Romani (Marino Mase in a very brief
performance). At the same time a shady corrupt immigration office cop, Stefano Belli (Franco Nero) gets a fat offer from a rich
lawyer, Fontana (the lovely Adolfo Celi)) who wants Belli to look to that Fontana's son Mino's (Maurizio Bonuglia) relationship
with the english model Sandy Bronson (Delia Boccardo) ends. She has a bad influence on Mino and Belli has the power to
remove her residence permit, and ... one more thing, can he look into a Romani, an owner of a record company who wants Mino
Fontana to invest in the company with a heavy sum.

We already know what has happened to Romani and soon Belli knows too when he founds him dead. Sandy has been seen
leaving the apartment dressed in a big white fur and Belli starts the sleuthing to get to know what kind of mess he's in.
Sandy and Romani may've been lovers too and a jealous Mino Fontana had a fight with Romani. Fontana, Sr. (Adolfo Celi)
wants Belli and Sandy to be quiet about this and not to tell the police. The Police investigation is lead by Inspector Baldo
(Renzo Palmer, always a fine actor who got somewhat typecasted as a tired and bored crime commissary or inspector, and who
radiated such authority depicting these roles that he probably could've left the film shooting, walked into the nearest Police
station to sit down and start ordering the staff around without anyone raising any doubt over his authority.

Above: Franco Nero and Susanna Martinkova; an old pic not from the blu-ray

Vera Fontana (Florinda Bolkan) is the smashing wife of Fontana, Sr. and she was about to pay Romani for a part of the
record company, on her son Mino's behalf.
A photo of a naked woman with her head cut out is found. Who is it ? Is it Vera Fontana, is it Sandy Bronson, is it the
popsinger Emmanuelle (Susanna Martinkova) a heroin junkie and also a carrier of a big white fur (red herrings are
thrown around) or is it the nurse Franca (Laura Antonelli) or someone else ? Whodunit ?

Susanna Martinkova (born 1946) is a czech actress and she's cute and with a crazy but adorable accent. Florinda
Bolkan is a goddess in a small role and always with that mysterious quality to her. Laura Antonelli can be seen in a
small role also and i would've liked to see more of the great Adolfo Celi too, but Franco Nero is GREAT as always
and he excels in playing a violence proned and shady cop doing a parallell investigation to the police to not just get
the killer but also to enrich himself as much as possible on the way.

Above: US old Code Red DVD double edition of the 1973 crappy "Blade" and of the superior "Ring of Death"

Franco Nero, who doesn't like him ? This film was made in 1969 during the Nero gold era. The film has a whole
bunch of beautiful women, everyone drinks J&B whiskey and the plot gets very complicated in the second part.
Nero likes to rough around everyone he meets, also women, and he's an asshole for sure even though carismatic.
The film is not gory as most of the killings take place out of camera, but more of a murder mystery giallo

Blu-ray presents the film in a 1.85:1 ratio with italian audio PCM and with english subtitles - region all or B
Extras: Alternative german VHS ending, Alternative german ending HD, german trailer, original trailer and a
booklet with pictures. Limited edition 1000 stück


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