Le Passager de la Pluie (Rider on the Rain, 1970)

US Kino Lorber Studio Canal Blu-ray edition - Region A

Yes, a very fine French-Italian crime thriller (that resembles a Patricia Highsmith novel a bit) presented in the 118 minutes French version and
with not just a great Marléne Jobert but also with a brilliant Charles Bronson in one of his best acting performances ever.
A Euro Arty Crime Thriller from the Golden Era .... and with Charles Bronson in it, aaah i'm delighted, and with a beautiful soundtrack by Francis
Lai also. When writing this in October 2021 i've heard that Netflix has added a lot of french and italian crime thrillers from this Gold Era, and that's
nice news as these films have been unseen outside countries as France and Germany (it has been so frustrating to see these glorious Euro thrillers
available on DVD ... but without any english subtitles). Finally, these films are released on blurays also, happy times!

In a small southern french coastal village lives Mellie, or Mélancolie (Marléne Jobert) and she works at her mother's bowling hall. Mellie is a beautiful
red-head and she's married to her pilot husband Tony (Gabriele Tinti). One day she observes a rough looking stranger climbing off the bus, a man
that stalks her and then attacks and rapes her in her home when she's waiting for her husband to arrive from one of his flights.
But Mellie is handy with a shotgun and she shoots and kills the intruder, drags the body to her car and dumps it in the sea.

She does not call the police and when she's visiting a friends wedding she notices a mysterious man looking at her with a smile. He's an american
and he presents himself as Harry Dobbs (Charles Bronson) and he asks her why she killed the man.
He seems to know exactly everything she does and he tells her that the perp was Bruno Sacchi, an ex-boxer and a maniac, and Harry Dobbs is very
interested in a red bag that this Bruno would've carried around.

There is no J&B whiskey drunk in this film but instead the Haig whiskey label is much exposed to the viewer, maybe the oldest whiskey distillery
in Scotland says wikipedia.

Above: Marléne Jobert in a later fashion pic or something - not from the film

Mellie has a secret, could her husband be involved in something shady with the perp and is Dobbs a killer or a good guy ?

It's a beautiful soundtrack and the title song "Le passager de la pluie" is sung by Séverine, the woman who one year later won the 1971 Eurovision
Song Contest for Monaco with "Un banc, un arbre, une rue".
The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with two versions: 1. The French international 118 minutes version DTS-HD MA 2.0 with english
subtitles, and 2. the 114 minutes US Cut. Extras: an audio commentary by film historians Howard S. Berger, Steve Mitchell and Nathaniel Thompson
(three bores talking about stuff NOT interesting for the viewers), Trailer, Teaser, Radio spot and trailer for other Charles Bronson films