Requiem for Gringo (1968)

US Wild East Productions 2018 Blu-ray edition

Yes, one of the more unusual additions to the Paella-Spaghetti western genre, i suppose even though i'm no expert. There were some 500-600
films made in the genre during the 1960's - 1970's or so and i have only seen about 30-40 of them i guess, so what do i know?

But this lowbudgeted but great looking film, the director used his spare sets well, had a leisure pace to it which i liked and a minimalistic story
of revenge that worked well too, and the hero played by lanky Lang Jeffries oozed nonconformity as a film hero, which i liked too.
At first i thought that someone's dentist or accountant had walked onto the set by mistake. He's stiff as a piece of wood and his boots are
squeaking when he walks, but the more i saw of him the more i liked him, he's delightfully quirky as the sharp-shooting hero.

The not so complicated plot of the film goes something like this:

The Brutal gangster Perfirio Carranza (Fernando Sancho) and his gang has crossed over the Mexican-US border with a lot of loot, jewelry that
that his prostitute girlfriend Alma (Femi Benussi) wants to get her hands on. The Carranza gang has taken over a big ranch and harasses the
peon workers (and probably killed the owners). Carranza has some very evil underlings in Ted, Tom and Charlie (Carlo Gaddi, Ruben Rojo and
Aldo Sambrell) and when they hear that a sharp-shooting gringo has taken out some of their buddies they want to challenge and kill him.
What they don't know is that the gringo, Russ Logan (Jeffries), don't just haphazardly kill off the gangmembers but has an agenda of his own
and an astronomical happening he must await (the english title may give away what sort of event this is).

Femi Benussi's hair is red and her eyes are oh so green, and she's luscious but rotten.

The Blu-ray presents the film in some widescreen format, not specified on the sleeve (maybe 1.66:1 ?) and with an english audio DD stereo 2.0
Extras: picture gallery, italian and german trailer, english title sequences. No region stated on the cover either, so probably a region ALL


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