Reflections in Black (Il Vizio ha le calze nere, 1975)


A sleazy and not very good B giallo directed by Tano Cimarosa who also acts in this film (and who can be seen as the sleuthing parking lot attendant
in the great 1972 Delirio Caldo/Delirium). But, as usual, a sleazy B giallo with lots of nudity and killings ... and Dagmar Lassander, is always entertaining.
This is an obscure entry to the genre and i could only find it on an "Alternative Market DVD" and in an ABOMINABLE presentation. Yuck!
Warning! This DVD looks like it was made from a 2nd or even 3rd generation VHS transfer with an extremely bad blurry picture. Almost unwatchable,
but what to do if this is the only source possible ? I would certainly want to re-watch it if i can find it on a decent release. The sleeve was nice though.

Also, this copy seems to be some composite version with some scenes with dialogue in spanish and WITHOUT english subtitles.

The film starts with a razor wielding killer dressed in black attacking a woman in her house, following her into the street and finishing her off in a phone
booth, and this way Nelly, played by the beautiful Danielle Giordano exits this picture as the first victim.
More beautiful women are killed by the mystery murderer, Emma (Giovanna D'Albore) and Marilyn (Dada Gallotti) and the investigating police, inspector
Lavina (a wooden John Richardson) and sergeant Panto (Tano Cimarosa) wonder what the connection between the killings can be ?

A lesbian photographer countess, contessa Orselmo (Magda Konopka), her crazed drug addicted son Marco, the drug dealer Mario, the pimp Sandro,
a lawyer, Anselmi (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) and his redheaded wife, Leonora Anselmi (Dagmar Lassander) all seem to be involved somehow.

The Redheads of Gialli

Aaaah, all the lovely redheaded actresses of the Gialli genre - Rosalba Neri, Dagmar Lassander, Nieves Navarro/Susan Scott, Erika Blanc, Helga Liné,
Luciana Paluzzi, Anita Strindberg (sometimes), Femi Benussi (often), Krista Nell, Susanna Levi (sometimes), Eva Renzi, Christina Galbo etc.

This low quality alternative market DVD is presented in appr. 2.05:1 ratio (i'm not sure though and probably slightly cropped from 2.35:1) and with an
english audio interrupted with spanish audio scenes without english subtitles. Note - the picture quality is horrible


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