R.I.P. Anita Ekberg 2015

An arty and strange indie Belgian drama based on great author Michel Tournier's novel Le Nain Rouge (The Red Dwarf) from the
1978 story collection "Le Coq de Bruyére. Kudos to the director for interesting weirdness.

The dwarf Lucien L'Hotte (a fine Jean-Yves Thual) is working in a Law firm and in his work he meets the old Countess Paola
Bendoni (Anita Ekberg). He "daringly" flashes himself for the old lady and becomes her lover for a while, until she gets tired of
him and dumps him. Whereafter he really flips out, as he have had enough of the condescending smiles from the Longlegs, and
he takes a dump on his boss table, and then hooks up and travels with a Circus.
There he has a friend (or girlfriend) in the young trapeze artist Isis (Dyna Gausy) and starts performing as a Dwarf Clown.

Yeah, this is an Euro Art Movie

Ratio widescreen 1.77:1, french audio with english subtitles, a trailer and text sheet. This film was director Moine's feature film debut