Qualcosa striscia nel buio (Something is crawling in the dark, 1971)

The Beautiful Lucia Bosé - R.I.P. Lucía Bosé died in 2020 by covid-19

Yes, one of the many Gialli found on Youtube and presumably in the Public Domain. Most of these streaming video
uploadings are in a poor low resolution quality, but some are better and can be watched in big screen. I've never been
able to watch a film on my computer in a small picture frame as i want to lay back and watch it on my big TV.
This giallo had a decent picture quality and was watchable.
An obscure giallo i guess as i never heard about it, but it was pretty good and had a former Ms. Italy in it with Lucia Bosé.

It was a dark and stormy night - A Murder Mystery and Ghost Story

A Bunch of people are surprised of a sudden rain storm causing the roads to be flooded and has to take refuge in a big
villa out in the countryside. A couple of cops, a wanted criminal, a married couple, a professor and another couple.
The telephone lines are down and they have to spend the night in the mansion. But, the old house has been owned by the
recently (?) deceased Lady Sheila Marlowe, known for being suspected of the murder of her husband but aquitted, and
for arranging seances and dealing with Black Magic.

The criminal Spike (Farley Granger) may be a serial killer and ex-lady of the House's reputation makes the unwilling
guests nervous. The married couple Sylvia and Donald Forest (Lucia Bosé and Giacomo Rossi Stuart) bickers all the
time and the attractive MILF (Bosé, once Ms. Italy) flirts with the handsome killer Spike.
The guests are much to edgy to sleep and to pass the time Sylvia decides to have a seance and try to contact the spirit of
the dead, Sheila Marlowe. Does she succeed with that task?
Why does the clocks stop at 01.00 AM and why do people start to die? Who's the killer ?

A somewhat charming old time murder mystery combined with ghost story elements. Not gory and unfortunately no nudity,
with very attractive Lucia Bosé in the cast that's a shame (yes, i'm a chauvinist pig, sorry, but sudden nudity is a trademark
of the giallo genre) but still very enjoyable AND at the end the film actually do get scary. The Grand finale was effective.
Nice photo and the always stoic old police inspector Wright was my favourite and played by Dino Fazio.
This was the italian version with english subs and the film can be found on a US DVD from Video Dimensions

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