Provincia Violenta (Provinz ohne gesetz, 1978)

German VZ Handel - X Rated Blu-ray & DVD combo edition with reversible sleeve to avoid the censor FSK sticker

Note 2020-07-28: Today i became aware of that Andrea (1925-2013) and Mario (born 1939) Bianchi were NOT brothers, they just had the same
family name and made the same type of films. So, they were not brothers, sorry about wrong info below


Yes, god bless all fine companies that restores these old obscurities and release them to us grateful viewers, the blu-ray medium was meant for this.
This could actually be the worst Eurocrime poliziottesco/poliziesco
film ever made, directed by Mario Bianchi - the even worse director brother of
the untalented Andrea Bianchi, and with spaghetti western actor Lino Caruana as probably the most unlikely tough guy hero ever seen on film.
Lino Caruana deliver one of the worst acting performances ever .... and he's adorable, i love him. I love the film. An ugly baby you just must love.
In the super great extras interview with actor Richard Harrison he laughs, and say - "I haven't seen it but i understand it was very, very bad ... ",
and it is. A very entertaining watch and when Al Cliver or Pier Luigi Conti, the trash film actor seen in so many Jess Franco and Lucio Fulci films
is the best actor of the movie in the role as a smooth and nasty killer, then we know we're in for something special.

Al Cliver as Roberto and Simonetta Marini as Helen

Lino Caruana (pic below) seems to be a very obscure actor and it's impossible to find any info about him. Maybe he was a stuntman and the feeling
you get when looking at him is that he somehow must've been connected to spaghetti westerns ? That drooping moustache.
In this film he plays a tough ex-cop of the Charles Bronson type and he has a lot of (badly choreographed) fights, so maybe he was a stuntman.

Police inspector Franco Sereni (Lino Caruana) has a habit of killing the criminals he chases, and is suspended as some Dirty Harry cop, so he resigns
and goes on a weekend trip with his girlfriend and/or informant, the hooker Nadia (Daniela Codini). She tells him about a prostitution and blackmail
racket she's involved with and she asks him for help getting out of it

Lino Caruana as ex-cop Sereni

The big boss of the racket is the smug and rich guy Augusto (Richard Harrison), Flavia (Antonella Dogan, who puts in a decent performance
also) is the one drugging unsuspecting society women and photographing them in the nude for blackmail and she also handles the prostitution
going on, and the Hitman, the bestial Roberto Mauri is played with gusto by Al Cliver.

Caruana and Richard Harrison

When Nadia is killed and Sereni barely survives he has to go up against not just the regular criminals but also corrupt cops bought by Augusto.
The beautiful wife of a well known politician, Marta (Alicia Leone) has also been drugged and photographed by Flavia and asks Sereni for
help. He sleuths around and now and then goes into a badly directed fight with some henchmen. Will he put an end to the nasty racket ?

Caruana and Alicia Leone

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and has an italian audio DTS-HD 2.0 with english subtitles. Soundtrack by Stelvio Cipriano
The Blu-ray plays region B or ALL and the DVD region free. Extras on the blu-ray:

A surprisingly great 66 minutes long interview in english by some Dennis M. Dellschow with american B actor Richard Harrison, who made
3 films with Mario Bianchi, who turned down the main role in A Fistful of Dollars for some crap film and who has made films in 43 countries.
Wow, i could listen to him for hours, great stuff!

An audio commentary by Marcus Stiglegger in german with no subs (he talks some about the polioteschi and social crime genre in Italy and
the genre's directors) and an original trailer.
The DVD has the commentary, the trailer and a trailer for the gothic giallo La Bambola di Satana

Note. The Amazing Bianchi's - Mario made the super ultra rotten horror Satan's Baby Doll (La Bimba di Satana) in 1982 with trash film
legend MariAngela Giordano (Horror page 3) and Andrea made the super ultra rotten action Angel of Death (Commando Mengele) in 1986,
based on a script by Jess Franco, and this could well be one of the worst action films ever made (see Horror page 3).
Mario also made the rotten late 1988 giallo "Non aver paura della zia Marta" (see closer to the top of this Giallo and Eurocrime page 1)

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