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Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. 2019 DVD edition

Who's the Painterman ?

Counterfeiting crime thriller and another very so-so Hong Kong effort in the genre. Not very exciting unfortunately but if you badly need to
extinguish 2 hours from your life, then this film may do fine. A tired script from Felix Chong makes this lukewarm effort look a like a B version
of one of Johnnie To's less inspired movies. But, it was nice to see Chow Yun Fat again and he's pretty good as the disgusting baddie Ng.

The Hong Kong police sets prisoner and counterfeiter Lee Man (Aaron Kwok) free and this on the condition that he tells them who the boss
of the brutal counterfeiting gang is, the Painter (Chow Yun Fat). Lee tells them that Painter leaves no traces and erases every potential risk
and that everyone dies who goes against him, a Super Criminal that is.
Then follows Lee's story in a flashback going back to Vancouver, Canada 1985 where he met Painter or Ng Fuk Seng and became a member
of his counterfeiting gang with the goal of creating a printing plate for making false Benjamins, 100 USD bills. But Lee wants out when he sees
that Ng is a ruthless killer.

Stupid gunfights, with the possible exception of the second one, bad CGI and a tired script, what about these military baddies with camps
somewhere in the Golden Triangle (Jack Kao as the General this time), the mayhem could've been xeroxed from Police Story III Super Cop.
Also, beware of false narrative.

The DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a cantonese 5.1 DD audio with also some mandarin, english and thai spoken, and
with english subtitles. Extras a teaser and trailers a making of featurette without english subtitles and also some deleted scenes


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