Premika (2017)

Taiwan Deep Joy Picture Corporation 2017 DVD edition

Text below written 2019-11-23

Stupid but funny Thai Ghost-Horror-Comedy with lots of nice Thai karaoke singing and pretty OK digital gore and splatter.
Set Brain in position OFF, bring out the beer and enjoy. This film takes place at a luxury resort hotel up in the mountains where the angry
Ghost of a dead Japanese bar-girl dragging a big axe starts to chop up the Hotel guests when playing her Karaoke game.
Her rules are:

If You Forget the Lyrics or Sing False - You Die!

A crime has happened at a resort in the mountains where an unknown Japanese bargirl, called Premika by the investigating policeman, lieutenant
Poom (Todsapol Maisuk) has been murdered and chopped to pieces. The Hotel is now to re-open and Thai celebrities have been invited, as a
Boygroup with handsome singer Tun (Nutthasit Kotimanaswanich) and a duo of sexy girl singers and their agent plus a newly wed couple et al.

The ghost of the murdered Japanese bar girl/Karaoke girl, Premika (Nattacha De Souza) is dressed in a Japanese school girl outfit drags a big axe
and with a possessed Karaoke machine the revengeful spirit starts killing the Hotel guests, to chop them up the same way she herself died.
Stupid but Fun horror-comedy with lots of OK digital gore and cool Thai song numbers sung good to false with the Karaoke machine.

The Taiwanese DVD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen and with Thai audio 5.1 DD with english subtitles, region 3.


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