En effeuillant la Marguerite (Plucking the Daisy / Mademoiselle Striptease, 1956)

Geman Cargo Records - Lemon Tree Pictures 2018 DVD edition

A somewhat burlesque romantic comedy where Brigitte Bardot overshadows everyone else in the film, all lights on
the delightful BB. She plays the daughter of a very strict General in Vichy, and she rebels by anonymously writing a
scandalous bestselling book "En effeuillant la Marguerite" exposing dirty stuff about her fellow Vichy citizens.

She's Agnès Dumont and she escapes home by jumping on a train to Paris in search for her painter artist brother Hubert
who works as a guide at the Honoré de Balzac museum. Some comedy comes from the situation that she can't find her
brother and thinks that the museum is her brother's house, and moves in to the surprise of the museum's visitors.

All men is behaving as retarded kids when seing BB walk by, hanging out of windows and yelling. They act like idiots
out of some of Jack Lemmon's 1950's-60's crap comedies, and like Men-Children. I think this is much more misogynist
than any giallo with women killed ever made by Dario Argento. All the men around her are very irritating and unfunny.

Agnès and father

Agnès is out of money and takes a rare book signed by Balzac from her supposedly "brother's library" and sells it to an
antiquarian without knowing that she took it from the Honoré de Balzac museum. She gets 188 000 old francs and then
spends the money on clothes and food etc. Finally she understands what she has done to her brother Hubert (played
in a quirky but oddly funny way by Darry Cowl) and how to get 200 000 francs to buy it back from the antiquarian ?

Answer: An amateur Striptease contest where the winner gets 200 000. But, could goddess BB have a chance winning
it ? No way, impossible, Njet or ... only kidding, sure she has. The Striptease actually have 2 strippers seen nude (but
not BB) for sure daring for the time, the 1950's, if this film had been made in America or in most other countries.

Pluses: Brigitte Bardot is in it almost all of the time and she's wonderful, both funny and sexy and she just radiates
likeability. Her quirky brother and the old taxidriver seen briefly played by Mischa Auer (seen i.a. in Orson Welles
1955 international thriller "Confidential Report") were both charismatic and cool also. The Striptease.

Minuses: All men hanging around her in Paris, including her annoying bore of a boyfriend, are disgusting, creepy
and unfunny Men-Children - Yes, i'm talking to you - Daniel Gelin and Robert Hirsch, go f - - k yourselves.
She's a young woman and has already written a bestselling book, but now she's supposedly aimed for marriage to
a cheating piece of shit bastard, the probably also lousy "reporter" Daniel and a miserable life as a housewife awaits
her. Roger Vadim and Marc Allegret co-wrote this crappy script and they are to blame for the often cringy dialogue.

In a small role as Agnès italian friend Sophia we see Luciana Paluzzi and as her little brother we see the only nine
years old Patrick Deware (1947-1982, the great future actor who sadly committed suicide by gunshot in 1982.

The film is presented in 4:3 original fullscreen and with french audio with english subtitles (or english audio dub)
DD 2.0 black & white. Extras: German, French and English Trailer, bilder galerie, alt US scene, censored German
scene and opening German titles. Region 2


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