PK (2014)

India Reliance Defect DVD

Text below written 2015-09-27

The Biggest Blockbuster in Bollywood Cinema History, or something like that?
It's a Satire with criticism of religious fundamentalism in all forms. Aamir plays the Alien "Tipsy" (maybe because
of his betel chewing and strange behaviour?) and who asks all the obvious questions about religious lunacy and
the mongers of religion, seen in the objective way of an Alien, a free mind.
This has already been done by Monty Python in Life of Brian, but here director and co-script writer Hirani does
it in a more mild and gentle indian way. Surely a film message like this can't be bad?

No, it's just fine and it seems that even a sweet picture like this has caused controversy among religious nuts in
India and rendered the filmmakers threats. BUT - this is a Blockbuster project with The Aamir, and then it's
made in a way so that EVERYBODY will get the message and that includes children, village idiots and Aamir's
pet monkey. As an adult filmviewer you feel embarrassed being treated like an infantile, and this time Aamir's
NOT funny. He's an alien so he tries his best to look like Stan Laurel, wideeyed and with funny ears and lips
colored from betel chewing .... all through the whole film. Anushka Sharma, a fine actress that i loved in the
charming Band Baaja Baaraat, looked weird and she has for some unfathomable reason
been doing The Plastic
Boogie, she too, and got herself some Duck Lips. Why, why, why?

Aamir plays an alien that lands naked in a Rajasthan desert plain and immediately gets robbed of his locket
gadget, a thing needed to contact his spaceship. When visiting a police station for help he gets the answer that
only God can help him find the locket in the mega city of Delhi, so the rest of the film he's searching for God.
Duck Lips is working as a TV journalist, sees the stranger and follows him to get an interesting Story.
He become a famous TV star when he's asking difficult revealing questions about "A Wrong Number to God"
to supposedly Holy Men and Gurus. There's a syrupy embarrasingly BAD ending when Anushka get in
contact with her ex-boyfriend the pakistani muslim Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput) in Masala style, yuck!
Ranbir Kapoor can be seen in a cameo role at the very end of the film as another alien landing on earth.

anamorphic widescreen 5.1 or 2.0 hindi with english subs. Bonus disc with extras: 18 Behind the scenes
featurettes and 4 deleted scenes. My Copy of the film had a nasty factory scratch and froze several times.
Nasty. Some lousy manufactoring there .... again, not the first time this happens

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