La Pelle Sotto gli Artigli (The Skin Under the Claws, 1975)

US DVD edition

Yes, a bottom of the barrel giallo it might be, but it could still be a piece of entertaining trash, and it is for sure. The problems are many
though with this edition of the film. It can't be found on a regular DVD or Blu-ray release as i know (but i'm not sure) so this alternative
market DVD will have to do, and the film is presented in a super crappy VHS transfer (or possibly a Rip of a TV Rip) with a slightly cropped
screen ratio and in a 76 minutes version where obviously many scenes are missing, at least 5-6 minutes i would guess.
BUT, this film is demented and entertaining .... for the trash-film lovers that is. Very obscure it seems to be and i would love to see this piece
of glorious filmmaking on a restored version Blu-ray. Hopefully it will show up someday.

A murderer is on the loose and in the dark intro somebody either buries a body or steals a body, the picture quality is so bad i can't see.

A professor Ernest Helmut (Gordon Mitchell) researches about the possibility of keeping human organs alive well after death at the Villa
Carla Clinic, and he could as well having a sign "I'm The Bad Guy" hanging on him, looking and sounding as a psychotic killer.
And what about this Villa Carla ? I saw the sign in another giallo recently where someone visited a clinic in Rome.
Gordon Mitchell (1923-2003) was a legendary B movie actor and an ex-bodybuilder, acing in i.a. sword and sandals movies.


People disappear and bodies turns up with human decomposed flesh found under their nails. The police are flabbergasted as it seems that
the victim has been hugged by a putrefying corpse, and Dr. Giovanni (Tino Boriani) and Dr. Silvia (Genevieve Audry) wonder too.
Then a big boobed woman, Cinzia, disappears just to be found later chopped up in 2 suitcases at a Rome railway station.
Commissioner Rinaldi (Ettore Ribotta) of the Rome police leads the investigation and the main suspect is Dr. Giovanni Dani, even though
We, the viewers of this weird mess, already know that Gordon Mitchell's Professor Helmut must be the killer. Then Helmut is found dead ....

This version is so chopped up at the end it's hard to follow what's happening. Presented in a slightly chopped up, probably a 14:9 ratio,
76 minutes version and in a really crappy VHS transfer, maybe even a second generation dupe. Adjust your eyes to the old blurry times
of the VHS and let this exquisite piece of Film Art enlighten your soul ....

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