Patrick's Day (2014)

US Brink Vision 2016 DVD

Excellent and intense Irish indie drama that's almost a psychological thriller. Really impressive effort from Terry
McMahon and he's a multiple prize winner, just like this film is. Moe Dunford as Patrick Fitzgerald is a revelation
to see, what a performance he gives, and the others in the cast does a great job too as i.a. Kerry Fox as the,
maybe bad (?), Mother. The question is open, she probably does what she thinks is best for her son, or ?
If i have some complaints it's the abrupt and a bit too happy ending. OK, i really wanted some sort of Feel
Good ending after all the sorrow, but just not that way, it was a bit too much to fit with in the rest of the film

The film starts and ends with the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, and in the start of the film we see Patrick
(Moe Dunford) disappear from his mother Maura Fitzgerald (Kerry Fox), out on his own. She immediately goes
to the police to seek help. Why? Patrick suffers from schizophrenia and is retarded, and when he's not with his
mother he gets psychiatric care at a clinic and eats medicine.
But Patrick's life is to change as he, this night, meets a woman living in the same hotel as he, the depressed air
hostess Karen (Catherine Walker) and they've sex, probably the first time for Patrick.
They start a sexual relationship and Patrick loves her, he's happy .... but his mother is NOT.

She's afraid the relation in the end will hurt Patrick badly, when his schizophrenia attacks set in and when Karen
gets tired of the retarded mental patient and dumps him. Or, does she fear that someone will take away the control
she have over her son? She has a whole wall splattered with framed photos of her and Patrick celebrating Patrick's
day, her and Patrick together, only them and no one else. She knows best what Patrick needs.
Maura hires a police detective (Philip Jackson, also in a great performance) to spy on Patrick and Karen, and in
the end to break the relationship. And not just that, she wants Patrick to understand that there has never been any
Karen in his life at all, that his recollections of their love is only figments of his mind and not reality.

Strong stuff and much of talent involved in making this great film. Hopefully McMahon will make more great films
anamorphic widescreen, english audio 5.1.Extras: An interview with Terry McMahon (9 min), Terry McMahon
Q&A (20 min) and a trailer. Another interesting release from Brink Vision, great work!


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